Arsonist Attempts Station Inferno

Cambridge cops have blown up a car today after a mad-man arsonist went on the rampage.

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Cambridge cops have blown up a car today after a madman arsonist went on the rampage.

A 62-year-old man is police custody after bomb disposal experts had halted his trail of destruction.

Witnesses have told The Tab how the suspect:

* COVERED paperwork and chairs in a courtroom with a flammable liquid before setting them on fire.
* FLED the scene in his car with the cops in hot pursuit.
* ABANDONED the vehicle at the station, surrounded by hundreds of bystanders.
* CLAIMED the car contained a bomb.

Fire crews came from as far away as Swaffham Bulbeck to tackle the blaze at the County Court.

After 2pm passengers at the station were evacuated to the platform after the nutter allegedly told cops his car was going to explode.

Bomb disposal experts then used robots to remove the vehicle’s doors.

A statement from British Transport Police (BTP) said: “Cambridge station was closed shortly before 14.30 hours today, Monday 14 June, whilst Cambridgeshire Police were dealing with a suspect vehicle.  A controlled explosion has been carried out.

“The incident follows the arrest of a man by BTP after he attended the BTP police station at Cambridge railway station in relation to an arson attack on a county court building in Cambridge.”

Girton historian Rebecca Williams, who witnessed the scene, said: “It was like walking into a scene from CSI: Dark Motives.

“There were police and army people everywhere. I was coming back from London with my John’s May Ball dress and I seriously feared that if it got damaged I might have to purchase a last-minue replacement from a sensibly priced high street chain”.