Milo Yiannopoulos: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s run through of what is on in Week Four. While students are busy working hard, Cambridge professionals are dominating the boards.

Andy Hamilton Cambridge Arts Theatre Corn Exchange Diana Vickers GaGa Have I Got News For You Hearing Voices Hugh Hughes Kenneth Williams Luke Wright Moscow State Symphony Orchestra Musical Theatre Society QI queen Russell Kane Shappi Khorsandi Stop Messing About The Junction The Mumford The Observer Wolfson Howler

I'm writing this from my bed in London, where, a few hours before I was due to return to Cambridge, I had a horrible muscular spasm in my left leg and collapsed into an ungainly heap. So you'll forgive me if I keep this brief: I don't have much ibuprofen left and I can't get out to the store. 

Last week was all about comedy and music, the former represented by my – if anything, rather charitable – review of failed X Factor hopeful Diana Vickers, which didn't go down well (it seems there are more Vickers fans among the Tab's readers than I had anticipated); the latter by the magnificently grotesque Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music, which I urge you to keep an eye out for. Everyone should witness that once in their lifetime. The Wolfson Howler didn't disappoint, and neither did Entertaining Mr Sloane, though Lottie and Phoebe had to contend with a furious and slightly ill-judged rant from the director in the comments section. 

So, to business. Not much in the way of student theatre this week, but plenty to keep you amused:

Stop Messing About, Monday 17th May – Saturday 22nd of May, Monday-Saturday 7.45 and Saturday-Thursday 2.30 at the Arts Theatre. £10-20. 

This "Kenneth Williams Extravaganza" promises to be even camper than the Musical Theatre Society's last outing. Direct from the West End. 

Russell Kane's Fakespeare: The Tragickal Saveings of King Nigel, Monday 17th May, 8.00 at the Junction. £12.50. 

A brand new "bawdy romp in blank verse". Russell Kane writes, directs and stars.

Andy Hamilton's Hat of Doom, Tuesday 18th May, 8.00 at the Junction. £15. 

That funny little man from Have I Got News For You and Ql does his own thing. 

Alice in Wonderland, Wednesday 19th May, 7.30 at the ADC. £6-9.

A musical version from Fledglings, featuring performers aged 8 to 19. A car crash in the making?

Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Wednesday 19th May, 7.30 at the Corn Exchange. £23-31. 

A rare opportunity to see a world-class orchestra. 

Hearing Voices, Wednesday 19th May, 7.30 at the Mumford Theatre. £10. 

Sounds vaguely interesting – it's a play about an asylum – but we couldn't get a seat for our reviewer, so you'll have to take a chance on it.

Shappi Khorsandi, Thursday 20th May, 8.00 at The Junction. £10-12.

"She’s feisty, flirty and effortlessly funny she handles every subject with a razor sharp wit, softened only by her deliciously dizzy delivery and endless charm." Sounds good. 

Ga Ga (tribute to Queen), Friday 21st May, 7.30 at the Corn Exchange. £17.

Before you get too excited: it's Radio, not Lady. A Queen tribute band. Something tells me it's the audience I'll be looking at. 

Hugh Hughes, starts Friday 21st May and ends on Saturday at The Junction. £5 or £12 for 3 sessions. 

Very confusingly Hugh Hughes is doing lots of shows at lots of different times, in which you are invited into his rehearsal studio.  Just what for, is yet more unclear. 

The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright, Friday 21st May, 8.00 at The Junction. £6-8.  

Observer deemed him 'the best young poet around', although I don't know any passable young poets, so not necessarily high praise.