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As Marlowe would have wished it

REVIEW: The Cambridge Greek Play 2016

Thank god we have Lysistrata to make up for Antigone

In their own words: The cast of Measure for Measure

‘You can often find me being too tactile in the ADC Bar.’

Doctor Faustus

HANNAH MIRSKY was impressed by the acting, but the production wasn’t up to scratch.

The Cambridge Greek Play: Prometheus and The Frogs

PATRICK BROOKS is left utterly torn by an inconsistent double bill.

The Comedy of Errors

AMI JONES thinks this film-noir style Shakespeare is funny, punchy, but occasionally unsettling.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

AMI JONES has watched a play, past the wit of critic to say what play it was.

Avenue Q

Cue JEFF CARPENTER’s review to boo, sudbue then eschew Avenue Q so you don’t have to.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG knows what you’re up to. But he’ll play along, for now. Loyal, right?


Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN is captivated by the Irish National Theatre’s masterful medley of monologues.

War And Peas In City Centre

Central point Peas Hill has been named as the 6th worst street for crime in England and Wales, but Inspector Paul Ormerod is not convinced.

Much Ado About Nothing

MATILDA WNEK revels in the revels of a production which reveals what’s been there all along. Awwww.

Interview: Carl Heap

KIERAN CORCORAN talks to expert director CARL HEAP, who is directing The Marlowe Society’s production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. And has a bit of an obsession with oranges.

Why are people so pessimistic about ‘student theatre’?

MATILDA WNEK: ‘Student theatre’ is dogged with associations of pretension, vacuity, talentless posing and dull or overambitious interpretations of classic texts, much more fiercely than unprofessional versions of other art forms.

Review: The Man From Stratford

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘This is not a play. It is, rather, an ill-conceived lecture.’

Review: If I Were You

MADELINE DE-BERRIE: ‘Ultimately, the performance held the audience’s attention from beginning to end – as it would yours.’

Review: The Marriage of Figaro

JOE CONWAY: ‘The characters played out their desires and deceptions in a dramatic form that approaches perfection and a score by Mozart that goes beyond it.’

Milo Yiannopoulos: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s run through of what is on in Week Four. While students are busy working hard, Cambridge professionals are dominating the boards.

Review: The History Boys

RACHEL CUNLIFFE this is a play that ‘The History Boys is, without a doubt, a play that every Cambridge student should see at least once in their life.’

Review: My Wonderful Day

LOTTIE UNWIN thinks with 73 shows under his belt, Alan Ayckbourn shows the Cambridge theatre scene how it’s done.