May Week Tickets Still On Sale

The Tab selects the pick of the May Week tickets still on sale.

Amy Munroe Faure Four Seasons Homerton Joshua Ward Newnham St. Edmunds Veronika Kantorovitch

Perhaps you are a Fresher who, having been through an entrance process far less dreadful than the horror stories, thought setting your alarm to book tickets before sunrise was an uneccessary step.  Perhaps, bleary eyed from the night before you lost your shortlist in the depths of your bag.  Or, maybe you have just come into a large sum of money and now like Cinderella, can go to the ball.   For all those who haven’t yet planned a May Week to count down the days till, The Tab have invited some of the Presidents with tickets still available to explain why their event is the one to snap up…


Newnham June Event – Cirque du Soir – Tuesday 15th June.

Veronika Kantorovitch, on behalf of the 2010 Newnham June Event committee is, proud to present the last batch of tickets...

“For one night only, East and West meet head on in a breathtaking fusion of Chinese and French circuses. Newnham’s beautiful gardens will be home to a dazzling range of entertainment, exceptional live music and the very best in food and drink. Boasting the likes of Amy Winehouse and the Noisettes as performers in previous years, it’s set to be an exciting, enchanting and affordable May Week pick. Grab a ticket for just £70 while you still can!"

Pros: At the more indulgent end of the June Event spectrum there is potential it will compare to a Ball, and what more, friends and family will find it a little easier to get their head round than a May Ball in June.  

Cons:   For the same price as Robinson's, not being able to say "I am off to a ball tonight" might be heartbreaking.  Announcing "I am really looking forward to the Event" sounds a little lack-lustre, but then again, who cares what people think.  You're the one having a night of fun. 


Homerton June Event – Carnival – Thursday 17th June.

Amy Munroe Faure's committee propose a June Event that's not a May Ball for all the right reasons…

Ever wanted a June Event at a third of the price of most May Balls? Ever wanted to rub shoulders with a 30-piece samba band? Or frolick with midgets? (OK that last one might not happen). Either way, Homerton's 'Carnival' is both the cheapest event in May Week, and the only one on Thursday. With a better drum-and-bass line-up than Fabric, and more jerk chicken and punch than the Yardies' Christmas party, 'Carnival' is set to be utterly, utterly wild. At £50, there are unsurprisingly less than 100 tickets left: for more information visit our website.  Group discount available. Viva el Carnival! 

Pros: Supping champagne, sampling oysters and gliding through Trinity quads, is for most of us humble Cantabrians a facade.  Stop pretending your student loan will stretch that far.  It's all got to be paid back.  

Cons: What promises to be a night of revelry is not the moment to dig out the diamonds; while it's not a teacher training college,  nor does it feature in any Top Ten Things to See in Cambridge.


St. Edmunds May Ball – "Four Seasons" – Friday 18th June. 

With only 150 tickets remaining, Joshua Ward promises the 2010 will be “a host of superlatives.”  

“This year will be the largest and grandest Ball in St Edmund’s history, including the largest fireworks show of any hill college to date.  Organized by a committee of eight different nationalities, “Four Seasons” promises to trance you through the seasons with endless flavours and exotic entertainment.  Rumours of the surprises that this year’s committee have in store for us are already circulating.  We can’t wait to finish off the year with the best kept secret of May Week!  Tickets are £100 and are available online at”

Pros: Pretend you always mingle in mature, educated company and enjoy having the chance to lie about your age you have been missing since you turned 18.  Alternatively, leave with conclusive proof that growing up isn’t scary. 

Cons: For everyone who isn’t a mature student, you won’t know anyone else there, though whatever happens at St. Edmunds, stays there.