Naked Ambition: 7 In 10 Would Strip For Cash

7 out of 10 female students would strip for cash, a survey has revealed.

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A recent survey has revealed that 7 out of 10 female university students nationwide would “model in their underwear if they needed extra money”.

Of the 1022 female university students surveyed, 61% said they felt “desperate” for money whilst studying.

When asked whether they would “work in a gentleman’s club to fund their degrees”, one third of the female respondents answered yes.

Talk of the Town, Cambridge's only strip club, caused outrage last year by targeting students at Freshers' Week

A staggering 72% would model in their underwear if they needed the money.

Of those who would strip for money, 48% said it would be "easy" and 19% a "quick solution to financial problems".

However, only 3% said they would make a living out of the career once they graduated.

A whopping 18% of the women surveyed said they already knew someone who worked in an exotic dance club whilst studying for their degree.

Stephen Yang, a second year Johnian said “It’s easy to underestimate how dangerous this kind of exploitation can be for women but the smuttiness of the activities surveyed does vary.

“A girl modelling in her underwear doesn’t really sound that bad, as long as she’s chosen to do it

Queens’ College Women’s Officer, Lucy Jefferson, commented: “Although this is not an option that I would consider personally, I think as long as a woman feels safe and doesn’t compromise her opinion of herself then it’s one way of coping with the financial pressures of university.

“The issue I have with it is when women see it as their only option.”



The story comes as another reminder of the extreme lengths undergrads turn to in light of massive debt, higher living costs and growing graduate unemployment.

‘Take me to Dinner’ (formerly Oxbridge Escorts) is an escort agency deliberately set up to take advantage of  the one in twenty surveyed who said they would "work as an escort" to earn money while at university.

The company attracts "clients" willing to pay a one-off £100 registration fee, plus an agreed fee for a date with a student.

Its founder, Nick Dekker, who studied Classics at Oxford’s Balliol College said the agency “provides a fun way to make money".

He contiued: “A lot of people in Oxford have money problems with student fees and we were not really encouraged to work as such”.

The company even has an “Elite Date” option, where potential punters are able to specifically request an Oxbridge student for an extra £59.

“People get into Oxford and Cambridge because they show an extra spark at their interviews. We are all very different and special people", he said.

"It is making money by conversation, which can be quite stimulating.”

Belle de Jour, the “PhD Prostitute”, shocked the nation with her infamous ‘Diary of a Call Girl’ which detailed her exploits as a prostitute while struggling to fund her PhD in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science.

But when Dr Brooke Magnanti revealed her identity last year she stressed how important it was that more funding be provided for students in difficult financial situations.

The sex industry is not all “making money by conversation” and can be extremely dangerous to young women.