Dunnett Again

After a worldwide media storm, The Tab speaks exclusively to Naked News anchor Seb Dunnett.

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After following in the footsteps of our very own Tab Totty, CU:TV’s Naked News has caused a worldwide media storm.

Homerton second year and international rugby star Seb Dunnett, and another second year known only as ‘Jane Doe’, strip off before streaking around Cambridge.


“We started at 6am to avoid the morning rush”, says Dunnett, who agreed to the stunt after a late night at Cindies.

The intrepid duo, trailed by CU:TV President Alana Hutton-Shaw, hit some of the town’s most famous locations.

They started at the Corpus Clock, before moving on to the UL.

“We had just stripped off, and were walking down the steps”, he said.

“Suddenly, an elderly lady came cycling past, and looked absolutely horrified!”

She shouted: “do you have permission for that?!”

But the most awkward location was saved until last: the ‘Welcome to Cambridge’ sign.

“By this time, it was getting toward rush hour”, said Dunnett.

“Alana pointed to the sign, and said “NAKED!””

“We were about two metres away from a steam of slow-moving traffic.

“We could hardly hear ourselves for the car horns!”

The video was first posted on CU:TV, but after being hosted by The Tab, first attracted the attention of the Daily Mail, before spreading across the nationals, and as far as China, Australia and India.

"I think it's pretty hilarious.

"One woman was reading it in Tesco, and did a double take when she saw me!" 

China Girl: Seb and 'Jane Doe' are big in the Far East

And Seb has been receiving hundreds of Facebook friend requests – from teenage girls in Vietnam.

“I guess they just want the naked truth”, he said.


The Tab selects five of the best comments from Britain's bastion of good taste: the Daily Mail

Why don't you just shut down this website and have internet links to all the student newspapers instead? That would at least save you the effort of having to look for stories to copy and paste.
– Peter, Cambridge, 5/3/2010 22:41

the man looks like his bum is on the front of his torso ,ha ha ha !!!
there's nothing wrong with this , just students having fun , but how come this made the news ?
– dawn, aberdeen, 5/3/2010 21:06

Thats always the case with talentless and stupid people who have nothing, else to offer unless their body, GET NAKED TO GET ATTENTION.

The guy look like a pure dummm and use your imagination for her.
– Pedram, London, 5/3/2010 17:58

Heres some news for you!! fat women should keep their clothes on!
– STEVE, POOLE DORSET, 5/3/2010 16:23

how cutting edge…and anyway…Homerton is not Cambridge proper
– LadyAsquithFarquhar, Chelsea, 5/3/2010 13:38