Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN spends his week in heated debate about Lady Gaga. But, it’s not as shallow as it sounds.

Why are so many students pooled to single sex colleges?

Why do all-girls colleges accept so many student from the pool? SAMANTHA HUNT investigates.

Huppert: “Education Should Be Free”

MP Julian Huppert said Lib Dems were still committed to scrapping tuition fees last week, but one audience member called him a “liberal bastard”.

Naked News: Again

Naked antics in CUTV’s naked news: this time with higher production values and even more nudity.

Dunnett Again

After a worldwide media storm, The Tab speaks exclusively to Naked News anchor Seb Dunnett.

Naked News

Cambridge students present a round-up of the news in the buff.

CUTV does Jailbreak

CUTV brings their RAG jailbreak adventure to TabTV

Shameless Promotion

TabTV brings you the latest play previews.

‘Cambridge’s iPlayer’ Launched

Cambridge has launched its own version of BBC iPlayer, with shows like Cambridge Come Dine With Me