Tab Fashion Rates/Slates: New York Fashion Week A/W 2010

We take a look at the successes and disasters from New York fashion week so far. Pure joy.

fashion week a/w 2010 new york Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates

I have to say, having been in New York last September when the S/S 2010 shows were on, you have to see it to believe it: Bryant Park is filled with giant white gazebos, there is a stream of vaguely famous looking people getting out of limos all the time, all the PR folk are zooming around with expensive heels and blackberrys, and Manhattan is just filled with otherworldly-looking model types dressed in black. It’s amazing, and to me the shows are like art: just sit back and enjoy. So, in the interests of what we’re all supposed to be wearing this autumn, and because a bit of pure clothes-lovin', catwalk adulation is good for the soul, here at the Tab Fashion we’ve compiled a Tab Rates/Tab Slates of the shows so far. (And get excited everybody- we’ve got London, Milan and Paris to go!)






DvF: a masterpiece in how to glam up muted winter colours: party dresses and cardi-jackets never looked so good. Pure Sex and the City.


DKNY: as someone who has been in love with Donna Karan’s last few years of ad campaigns, this show wasn’t a disappointment. Akin to DvF, it was a how-to-class of mixing knitwear, sequins, moody colours and fabulous jackets for pure winter fabulousness. And the chunky boots were to die for. Totally wearable and totally gorgeous.


Zac Posen: Best in show so far for me. These clothes were sexy, fun, distinctive, and just the right side of totally bonkers. The kind of pieces that will be an asset to your wardrobe, inspire envy in all your friends, and yet still allow you to indulge in a little fashion madness. Simply lovely and so fun.






Lacoste: Now, although the New York shows so far have left me crying out for colour, what on earth were Lacoste thinking? The first eleven looks, a love sonnet to the joys of off-white and beautiful tailoring, were gorgeous, but all the charm was completely nullified by the occasional disaster they sent down the runway. So very nearly there, but a slate from me for the horror that was that red ensemble.


Alexander Wang: this was a total love-hate for me. I bet any one of these pieces would look great on its own: although ugly isn’t even the word for some of these pieces. However, standout pieces are the off-the-shoulder lace-fringed bodycon dress, and that slouchy black beaded jacket- edgy perfection.


Preen: usually so on it, it was a disappointment that they left behind their deconstructed, edgy, bandage style dresses and became just a little bit blah. If the models don’t look good in the clothes, what hope have the rest of us? Just remember their awesome collaboration with Topshop and cross your fingers for next season. 


Now all we have to do is to wait for the collection rip-offs to hit the high street and channel your look of choice all over Cambridge. Bagsy I'm a DKNY girl.