Cambridge Drinkers Show Their Stamina

A spectacularly messy pub crawl through some of Cambridge’s liveliest nightspots has been caught on camera.

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A spectacularly messy pub crawl through some of Cambridge’s liveliest nightspots has been caught on camera.

The ‘Stamina Cambridge’ pub crawl saw over 350 students from Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Universities binge-drink their way through town last Thursday. The night culminated in mass vomiting and simulated sex acts.

Participants shelled out £10 each for a logo-emblazoned T-shirt which brought free entry to five bars, as well as cut-price drinks.

The regulation shirts were quickly customised by some of the female participants to reflect the theme of the evening, ‘Sexy Circus’.

Students began the night in Wetherspoons, before moving on to Vodka Revolutions, Slug and Lettuce, Fez and the Place.

With vodka shots and pints of lager slashed to just £1.50 in certain venues, the rowdy crowd were more than ready for the organised fun scheduled by the event’s planners.

Fez’s dancefloor played host to such saucy shenanigans as a competition between two tutu-clad girls and two boys to see who could simulate the most sex acts within sixty seconds.


Photo: Masons

Cambridge local David O’Doherty, 29, said of the event, ‘There were piles of sick every few feet. It's like a cross between a sordid youth club and Lord of the Flies.’

However Cambridge undergraduate Sam Davis told the Tab, ‘I didn’t do the pub crawl but I walked past a large group in transit. It really was nothing I haven’t seen before.’

Organisers Stamina host bar crawls for students across the UK. They use University students as ‘reps’ and advertise virally online, including on social networking sites such as Facebook. Stamina Cambridge has 1,271 members in its Facebook group and racked up 424 confirmed guests for Thursday's pub crawl.

The group states: 'Please remember that Stamina events are about having fun and meeting people in a friendly and safe environment. Excessive drinking is NOT encouraged.'

A Stamina rep who declined to be named said, ‘ Obviously people drink alcohol and get a little drunk but we encourage people to be responsible and send them home if they can’t stand up… it’s never any worse than what we see every Saturday night in towns across Britain.’

3rd year Sport Psychology undergrad Emma Lord was one of the reps for Anglia Ruskin University. She exclusively told The Tab, 'It was a really good turnout. All the T-Shirts I had to give out were gone. The photos show that everybody had a really good time, and I'm sure any more Stamina nights will be just as successful if not more.'

Photo: Masons

The Tab spoke to two freshers who attended the pub crawl. They asked not to be named but told The Tab, 'I've definitely been more drunk and seen people more drunk. We were always surrounded by others and in safe places so I don't see why students on a bar crawl is that exciting really!'