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Tinder in Cambridge: A Scientific Investigation

It’s going down, I’m getting Tinder

Tab Tries: Being an ARU Student for a day

A-RU serious?

Students bash innocent bystanders after fight over woman in Cindies

Probably still less dodgy than Spoons

AR U Serious?

In a desperate bid to cover a housing shortage, Anglia Ruskin University has moved freshers into a Travelodge.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

MATTHEW WOLFSON left this Sondheim classic feeling very satisfied.

A Day In The Life Of A Tourist

ADRIAN GRAY discovers what it’s like to spend a day as a tourist in Cambridge and puts some very patient porters to the test.

Tab Tries: Loony Libraries

Bored of the UL, CLAUDIA LEONG takes a walk on the wild side and visits some of Cambridge’s looniest libraries.

The Cambridge Fetish Scene: “BDSM is like being gay 20 years ago”

OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT sits down with “Mr Glove” to talk roleplay, forced orgasm and the Cambridge fetish scene.

Cambridge Characters: Johnny the Punter

Let us introduce you to the world of Cambridge’s beloved stereotypes. First up, meet Johnny the Punter.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

LEO PARKER-REES isn’t sure if even a children’s charity is worth this level of pain.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

DAVID HOLLAND doesn’t dare to cough in case he interrupts this moving and excellent gig.

Dettori Rides To Winning Post Again

Star jockey Frankie Dettori has been awarded an honorary doctorate in science by Anglia Ruskin.

The Naked & Famous

BEN WEISZ on The Naked & Famous: ‘with better techies, theirs will be the must-have sound at any festival this summer’.


MEGAN KENNEDY reviews Brother, Slough’s answer to the Britpop revival.

Fire Extinguisher Fiend Is From ARU

The student who threw a fire extinguisher from the roof of Tory HQ during Tuesday’s protests is an Anglia Ruskin undergrad, it has been revealed.

You Must be JUDO-King!

Hot on the heels of growing debate of ‘mickey mouse’ degrees, Anglia Ruskin University is developing the UK’s first degree in Judo.

BA Hon…estly?

Is a degree in ‘Surf Science’ is really worth it.

Cambridge Drinkers Show Their Stamina

A spectacularly messy pub crawl through some of Cambridge’s liveliest nightspots has been caught on camera.

Review: An Evening of Comedy Theatre

ANNA FAHY: “What we got were two fifteen minute plays that, quite frankly, just weren’t very funny.”

Review: Camino Real

FLO CARR is unimpressed and confused by her trip to The Mumford