Brrr! It’s cold in here

Brrr! It’s cold in here… Which knitwear tribe do you choose?


I had porridge for lunch today. This can mean one thing and one thing alone: it’s cold again in Cambridge. It snowed again and excited I was not. Hearty snacks and weather chit chat aside (it was not a snack – I could have fed my entire house on that one bowl for the rest of our time here and some), it seems only responsible to consider the choices on offer when keeping toasty in these chilly February days. So put down that warming broth and read on!

Sloaney pony – V-neck is the obvious choice (best for setting off that Jack Wills collar just right) but crew neck will suffice. Classic colours are best, navy is always a winner, but if you’re a loud, horsey type then maybe something bright and primary is better. Kudos for a cable knit, and cashmere only dahling.

Stash – Keep yourself cosy and affiliated.


Fleece – Actually warm and preferred by natscis/engineers/compscis the world over (God, I do love an old fashioned stereotype). Usually accessorised with sensible shoes and a bike helmet. Highly flammable fibres involved. Be warned.

Charity shop chic – You know the one. Look out of the window. You see them? Maybe you are one? Ubiquitous in our fine town and to be found on both mad academics and trendy scenesters alike. Keep the patterns busy, the wool chunky and the sense of irony acute. Wear under a barbour and with glasses the size of the sun. Please wash before wearing, you don’t know where it’s been.