Bright Young Things

We see how a bit of fatal twenties’ glamour can add oomph to your Cambridge wardrobe. Yar, darling.

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All photos by Hannah Copley


Now, we’re all well aware that Cambridge lets you indulge your inner Brideshead Revisited: witness the plethora of vintage furs adorning the fashionistas of Cambridge, the comeback of matte red lipstick, the joys of the classic string of pearls on an otherwise edgy outift, and the excitement over May Balls and evening wear in January. It’s high time we embraced that Cambridge is one of the few universities where you’re guaranteed at least one black tie event a term, and to make the most of the joys that indulging your inner 1920s grandee can bring.


So, taking inspiration from the impossibly chic and stylish cast of Timon of Athens, it’s time to unleash your inner Gosford Park style, and make the most of your University time in the spirit of rich young things gone by (louche attitude and upper class voice are optional; the fabulous wardrobe is most definitely a MUST). For inspiration, see, and read, Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies (the film is called Bright Young Things) and Noël Coward’s Easy Virtue. Something about the faded glamour, the couture clothes, and the sparkle of beading makes every girl's heart flutter, and men in immaculate white tie and tailored suits just scream sophistication. The 20s and 30s had to be the best time for men's as well as women's fashion: beautiful, impeccably tailored, and you could have oodles of fun with accessories…



Now, whilst illicit deeds and social snubs should be left at the door, the fabulously chic style of this smart set is easily mimicked. Immaculately set and pinned hair is given a 2010 twist with a bit of mussed up texture; powder-pale skin is instantly livened by a subversive smoky eye and a dashing matte red lip (we’re recommending Revlon and Maybelline if you’re on a budget, but splash out on a Chanel red lipstick if you can: the packaging is as chic as the colour). With this soupcon of twenties’ style, and an aloof attitude to match, it’s only a matter of time before a baronet comes and sweeps you off your feet in a Rolls. Or vice versa. So make the most of Cambridge’s snooty history ladies: when it comes to fashion, it’s just too fabulous, darling.

Timon of Athens is running from the 16th to the 20th February, Corpus Christi Playroom, tickets £5- 6.