Show us your knickers

Laura Dennehy gives us a guide to knickers this Valentine’s day

underwear valentine's day

I begin this guide with a cautionary tale. Last week nearing laundry time I was forced to don unsuitable knickers for my Sainsburys run. We all know the sort I mean, the frilly impractical ones lurking at the back of your drawer. This particular pair is satiny with a bow holding them together at the side, very pretty to look at but shocking in terms of doing the basic job of knickers. I will explain. Halfway down the bread aisle I realised that my knickers were halfway down my leg. Paired with the fact that I was wearing harem pants this meant that the offending knickers managed to fall down my leg and lollop about in the leg of one trouser. We can learn many things from this tale: do your laundry before it reaches this breaking point, invest in knickers that do the job and maybe chiefly, don’t wear harem pants in public. Anyway, in the run up to Valentines day, here are some of the best unsuitable knickers – just don’t get them out in public as I did because even the recent trend of underwear as outerwear doesn’t quite stretch to knickers.