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The Prolapse

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Review: The Prolapse
Downing College, The Howeird Theatre

Directed by Mr. Collie, ‘The Prolapse’ may only be described as alternative. The author, Mr. Vainbrother, entertains the audience through his licentious and often outrageous flirtations with every conceivable genre of entertainment, both tried and untested. The title, Mr. Vainbrother suggested in an interview with The TAB, is intended to demonstrate that “nothing is left out,” from this sublime mélange.

Of particular note is the Belgian-styled sex scene, set in North Korea. This remarkable event is followed immediately with a Turkish Chastity Dance, performed by three genuine Cambridge virgins. The audience are pushed from one extremity of discomfort to the next.

“We searched high and low for eligible candidates for the Turkish Chastity Dance, initially to no avail,” said Collie. “Thankfully, my assistant producer then suggested that I advertise in the Maths Faculty which proved very fruitful indeed.”

Mr. Collie has been praised in particular for his artistic flair and disregard for convention. “We set the Belgian-styled sex scene in North Korea,” said Collie, “but really, Vainbrother stipulated that it should be in South Korea. It is all about breaking boundaries, challenging preconceptions. You know me.” This daring departure from the original text has set Collie apart from the main body of Cambridge directors, the majority of which lack the ingenuity or confidence to attempt such a dramatic alteration.

We have come to expect a star-studded cast from Collie’s productions. ‘The Prolapse’ was no exception, featuring some of the biggest names on the Cambridge drama scene such as Harry Jacobs, Chaz Tigers, Fox McCloud and Astro Tam.

Jacobs in particular has been singled out by the critics for his stunning portrayal of ‘Page,’ a devastatingly complex and emotionally intricate character. McCloud burst onto the Cambridge drama scene in January when he was given the part of ‘Tuck’ in ‘The Prolapse’. This came as a particular surprise to the critics such as Jemima Centralvillage who had tipped the comedy specialist Moses Handrail for the role in December.

Above all this however, Tom Davenport has come out as the true champion of ‘The Prolapse’. His sublime rendering of ‘Servant’ left the audience speechless and many were reduced to tears. When asked about his performance, audience members preferred not to comment for fear of breaking down.

Ultimately, this play has something for everyone; Collie jokingly calls it a ‘tragofarceslapstckorgyistasticnudehorror-comedydrama.’ But he is not joking really.