Downing College

Ai Weiwei, the ‘most powerful artist in the world’, comes to Cambridge – and blasts Brexit

‘A nation should be generous’: The Chinese dissident spoke to The Tab as part of his extraordinary May Week visit

REVIEW: Hay Fever

Lashings of 1920s style gallivanting around – hurrah! Jolly good show.

REVIEW: As You Like It

Dani Cugini decides that this warmly witty production is truly As She Likes It. (Get it? Get it? I’ll let myself out.)

Pack up and leave: International students under assault at Downing

It’s an international incident.

Rumpus on campus as mystery meat found on Downing Paddock

We’re not steaking the piss

Tab-Tails: Sex on the Beach

Getting bored of VKs? Mediocre bar man, Harry Hurd, is here to mix things up.

College Rugby: Downing’s Winning Run Comes To An End

Downing’s 600 day winning streak is brought to an end by fortunate Selwyn-Peterhouse.

Downing It is Our Choice

The harder we work, the harder we play. If there is ever a good time to learn your limits, it’s now.

Downing It

Downing Students have been warned of the dangers of excessive drinking after a fresher almost DIED earlier this term.

Star Fresher Up For National Award

A Downing fresher’s school DT project has bagged her a nomination for the national Women of the Future Awards.

Twelfth Night

LEO PARKER REES finds himself washed up on a shore of mediocrity. Pleasingly, his brother was there too.

Uni Supremacy Struggle As Sainsbury’s Storm On

Recent developments from supermarket giant Sainsbury’s may pose grave danger for the uni and future students if urgent measures are not undertaken.

The Cambridge Companion to Local Elections

Did you know that beyond the big ‘Yes’/’No’ debate there are local elections happening in Cambridge? The Tab talks you through what it all means.

Half Way Hell At Fez

Three Downing students were hospitalised and two more injured after being attacked in Fez by strangers for wearing dinner jackets.

Tom Davenport’s Strictly Speaking

The Prolapse