Sharm El Break

The Tab’s Jailbreak team smash their Varsity counterparts to make it to to Egypt…but are beaten by a journey to Washington! Read the results and reaction here.

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The Tab's Jailbreak team have thrashed their Varsity counterparts in the race to get as far away from the bubble as possible.

Lottie Unwin and her partner in crime Jo Hall managed to get to Sharm el-Sheikh, coming fourth overall in the challenge.

92 couples took part in the annual RAG Jailbreak, leaving Parker's Piece at 9am on Friday with the aim of getting as far away from Cambridge as possible within 36 hours without using any of their own money for transport.

In total, the teams travelled an astonishing 98,710 km, giving an average of 1073 km per team (to put that in perspective, Monaco is 1038km from Cambridge.) This comfortably beats the figures from last year, when 88 participants covered 85,039 km (an average of 966km per team.)

The most popular destination was Paris (where eight teams ended up) although one team only made it as far as Stansted.

The winning four jailbreak teams were:


  • Washington, USA (Nick and Reza)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (James and Alexandra)
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Angharad and Luke)
  • Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (Lottie and Jo – The Tab's team!)


Nick Millet and Reza Khorasanee, both from Fitz, made it to the US capital – a 7322-mile round trip – entirely on donations from the public raised by performing simple magic tricks.

They set off from Parker's Piece in Cambridge dressed in tuxedos at 9am on Friday morning and performed street magic to raise cash for train tickets to London.

They used the cash to buy two tickets to New York, and blagged a further 50 dollars on landing to bus tickets to Washington.

Nick, who returned to the UK with Reza on Monday, said the whole event had been ''exhilarating'', and they had raised £600 in sponsorship for charity.

''The whole surreal experience really makes you believe in the kindness of strangers.''

The Tab's Lottie and Jo pose with a suspicious looking Egyptian butcher

Two teams travelled more than 621 miles (1000km) without flying, using trains and hitchhiking to get to Alicante in Spain and Bratislava, in Slovakia, respectively.

Homerton's Chloe MacKenzie and Alana Hutton-Shaw met Chris Tarrant while Giles Moody and Thea Behbahani from Tit Hall bumped into the England Rugby team.  James Vincent and Ally Daniel also from Trinity Hall were escorted out of Stansted by police.  

The Tab will keep you up to date with stories as they come in. Among the best one so far are a team giving up after a high speed police chase and another pair being arrested and handcuffed outside the channel tunnel having been dropped there by a Slovenian truck driver!

In the mean time we're just pleased to have beaten Varsity after their cancellation of both Tab v Varsity football showdowns last term!

Read the story of Lottie's journey in her live updates thread here.