Lottie Unwin

Homerton May Ball

LOTTIE UNWIN takes a belated review as an opportunity to make a petition: Homerton College need to back their balls and give the committee a chance.

Grads: Business Brains

The Real World awaits. Here’s what two very entrepreneurial graduates are up to – running business models where you’re the target market.

True West

Editor LOTTIE UNWIN sees True Potential often realised in the sweatily appropriate beer-sodden den of the Corpus Playroom.

Stewart Lee’s Vegetable Stew

Stewart Lee gets a smile, but not a laugh, from editor LOTTIE UNWIN.

Churchill Spring Ball

LOTTIE UNWIN paints ‘not a glamourous picture but… one of debaucherous good fun’ of Churchill Spring Ball.

Tab Week: Station Manager

SOPHIE WAWRO is both boss of the biannual Downing May Ball but also manages Cam FM, its complicated studio and 45 presenters.

Tab Week: Blues Rower

In a new Tab feature, Blues Rower MIKE THORP shares how he manages to eat 6000 calories and sleep for 8 hours a day, with 35.5 hours of training each week.

Tab Tries: Running Away With The Circus

Sick of Michaelmas already? The Tab suggests that you run away with the circus. LOTTIE UNWIN and PHOEBE LUCKHURST tried.

Summer Blogs: Spice, Rice and All Things Nice

6/9: ALASDAIR PAL and LOTTIE UNWIN investigate just why every Indian wants their picture with them

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Three

Read the final installment of The Tab’s alphabet as we teach you the Cambridge lingo.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Two

Soon-to-be Fresher? Let The Tab teach you how to speak Cambridge. Sunday: I – P.

St. Edmunds May Ball

LOTTIE UNWIN: ‘There were truly meaty burgers, delicious smoked salmon crepes and if you batted your fake eye-lashes enough, divine hog roast, but doing the ball basics well wasn’t quite enough.’

Lips: Candy Pink

Make like a child in a sweetshop with candy pink lips.

Why Not Review: Voting

‘Your first time – a beautiful moment which you’ll remember forever’. For the Tab Team, perhaps not.

Creme de la Closet

You Fool

After the The Tab’s hoax fools The Sun, PHOEBE LUCKHURST and LOTTIE UNWIN select April Fool’s Day’s finest efforts.

Review: Macbeth

LOTTIE UNWIN is unsurprised Macbeth does nothing to cheer her up.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 4.

Review: Cigarettes and Chocolate

DAVID WARD argues this show demonstrates all that is exciting about the Late Show slot.

Review: The Chinese State Circus

LOTTIE UNWIN loves everything about the circus, spare the clowns themselves.