Queens’ Dean Backs Down

Queens’ College Dean has bowed to student pressure and reversed his ban on Halfway Hall.

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Queens’ College Dean has bowed to student pressure and reversed his ban on Halfway Hall.

The Tab understands that tutorial pressure may have forced Dr Martin Dixon to offer the concession. 

A report in The Cambridge Student today entitled "Queens' refuses to back down" reported that Dixon had "refused to rule out further action" in his campaign of punishment for the vandalism committed last term.

But  an email sent to second years from JCR bar rep Charlie Bell tonight confirmed the Dean's U-turn, as well as indicating that the ban on the popular Queens' Ents will continue.

A source at the centre of the stand-off told The Tab that Dixon's change of heart represented a major surprise to those involved.

The Facebook Group 'Save Queens' Ents' has attracted 484 members and includes posts about how to contact the college's tutorial staff.

Dixon's move did not come without conditions. In an email to students, JCR President Emil Hewage stated "the actions of those attending events which have been permitted will demonstrate to college whether we as a JCR are mature enough to merit further negotiations".

Officially the ban has been lifted because Halfway Hall has been categorized as an academic event, which represents a victory for those in the Queens' JCR who argued exactly that point at an Open Meeting between Dixon and students on Tuesday.

Second Year Rep Charlie Bell told The Tab that "this ban being lifted is exactly the right move, for student-tutor relations and for the good of the college in general. I have consistently made these academic arguments, at Governing Body and ever since, and with support from tutors and students, these have proved fruitful."

Bell continued: "although this is a move in the right direction, we are still working with the SCR to both find the culprits, and also get the most positive working relationship possible. Time only will tell if these continued measures, which are deeply unpopular, will prove fruitful."

No other events have been re-allowed, other than the MCR’s ‘Boar’s Feast’, to which Fellows have been invited. There is now pressure to get the go-ahead for the First Year Dinner.

A second year student at Queens’ who wished to remain anonymous said "this is great news for us, as it affects our entire student experience. But we still want out bops back, part of what makes Queens’ such a great place to be."