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YOU SHALL PASS: Gandalf to get honorary doctorate

May the hair on his toes never fall out! All praise to his wine and ale! Sir Ian McKellen is among the honorary graduands this term, reports CHARLIE BELL.

Stephen’s death should make us all think about animal testing

After the tragic death of Stephen Sutton from cancer, CHARLIE BELL thinks there are lessons to be learnt.

What have you been smoking?

There is plenty of evidence about drugs, argues LUKE ILOTT. So why are we ignoring it?


Calling commenters of The Tab. For one term only, CUSU are yours. Ask them anything you like.

Why protest matters

CHAD ALLEN and FLO SWANN defend telling George Osborne to “fuck off”.

CUSU Elections Liveblog

HARRY SHUKMAN blogs CUSU election night live!

Tab Columnists: What’s in your Room 101?

Our lovely Tab Columnists reveal their deepest fears and phobias.

Meet Your Lent 2014 Columnists

All be standing: the LENT 2014 columnists have finally arrived! Stop blub-mourning the end of Sherlock and welcome your new playmates with open arms and fervent heart. Best columnists ever in the world or your money back.


President of the CUSU LGBT Campaign CHARLIE BELL has a few home truths he’d like to share about our Students’ Union.

GU Petition Reaches Magic Number

The Graduate Union plunges deeper into chaos as a vote of confidence against current president, Arsalan Ghani, receives the backing of an online petition.

UPDATE: CUSU Cock-Up Causes Conference Confusion

Trouble and strife within CUSU as ‘mad leftists’ protest the President’s actions.

Exclusive: Queens’ Tutor Tries To Scrap Fresher’s Week

Queens’ Senior Tutor proposes replacing Fresher’s Week next year with an ‘academic alignment’ period.

JC faRce: Involvement In Student Politics Plummets

A survey of 20 colleges’ JCR elections by The Tab this week revealed students’ unwillingness to get involved in the dreary world of student politics.

Queens’ Dean Backs Down

Queens’ College Dean has bowed to student pressure and reversed his ban on Halfway Hall.