James Mitchell

James Mitchell


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Watersprite: Mega Review

JAMES MITCHELL found this year’s film festival more inspiring than ever.

In Defence of Common Sense

JAMES MITCHELL responds to the comments which met Saturday’s article about sexual assault.

“Male Feminism” And Its Malcontents

After a troubling incident on Tuesday at Cindies, outgoing co-editor JAMES MITCHELL wants us to reflect on our attitudes towards male eating disorders and sexuality.

Testing Times

If it seems that others are working harder than you, it’s probably because they are. That’s no reason to panic though, says JAMES MITCHELL.

“INEXPLICABLE ABERRATION”: Cam Lecturer Slates Homosexuality

Divinity Faculty lecturer Tim Winter labels homosexuality an “inexplicable aberration” in a hastily removed YouTube video.

GU Petition Reaches Magic Number

The Graduate Union plunges deeper into chaos as a vote of confidence against current president, Arsalan Ghani, receives the backing of an online petition.

Easter Lineup Revealed!

Lisa Kudrow, Tim Minchin, David Moyes and Jackie Stewart will each take their turn to address the Union next term, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Watersprite Film Festival: The Mega Review

JAMES MITCHELL spends the weekend pitching a film script, running about a lot and enjoying the company of Olivia Colman and Eddie Redmayne.

Tab Tries: J-Soc

JAMES MITCHELL is invited along for dinner at the Cambridge University Jewish Society and just about manages not to offend.

Les Misery

“Many were applauding, some were actually crying.” But the only tears JAMES MITCHELL wept during this “weak and insubstantial” film were tears of despair.


An “intelligent, frightening and ultimately heart-breaking spectacle”, JAMES MITCHELL hails the Palme d’OR winner as an artistic triumph (but still thinks it should come with a warning).

Get A Movie On

It’s dark, it’s rainy and the future is anything but orange. With no inspiration, it’s hard to see a career forming ahead of us. So we sent JAMES MITCHELL to collect some movie inspiration for our shaky career prospects.


JAMES MITCHELL wasn’t hugely impressed with the latest Bond.

Lucy Rose

JAMES MITCHELL can’t get enough of Lucy Rose.

A Special Bond

To mark the UK release of Skyfall today, JAMES MITCHELL wonders how Bond would have coped in a modern Cambridge environment.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

JAMES MITCHELL can’t find the perks of being a wallflower, but can see the perks of watching this movie.

The Intouchables

JAMES MITCHELL finds that subtitles are sexy, even if a girl still remains Intouchable after the date.


JAMES MITCHELL gets looped up in paradoxes trying to review Looper.

James Mitchell

JAMES MITCHELL’s being telling fibs. But he’s going to tell the truth this time, honest.

Facebook: Till Death Do Us Part

How Mark Zuckerburg has set out to follow us all from cradle to grave. Nice thought, isn’t it?