Rules of Engagement: How to propose in Cambridge

BETH SWORDS gives advice on the most romantic ways to propose in Cambridge.

The Cantab Limericks

Lewd, loud and proud: racy rhymes on a host of Cambridge characters…

Fifty Shades Of Blue: Part 5

GEORGINA SKYE enjoys a spot of Halloween punting as Fifty Shades returns…

Before the Bubble Bursts: Part I

BEN DALTON and KATIE KIBBLER reckon there is more to do before you graduate than pass exams…

Torrents and Plunder: Piracy Rife In Cambridge

INVESTIGATION: We reveal over 250 reported cases of piracy since 2010, and there’s evidence of more going unpunished.

Decanally Retentive

Deanings at St Hugh’s in Oxford have got out of hand: furious freshers are footing bills for over £1000.

The News From The Dark Blues

JAMES ROTHWELL brings you up to speed on snow willies, Playstation theft and big-dog debates.

Oxford Library Shagged Shut

Other Place hanky panky has forced College officials to close Oriel College’s library in the continuing saga of book-stack nookie.

Exclusive: Gyp Room Rampage Threatens Queens’ Bops

The future of bops at Queens’ is on the line after vandalism of gyp rooms during Halloween.

Harvard Take The Piss

36 gay and lesbian books have been founded soaked in urine in Harvard’s library, sparking anger and confusion.

Catz Bar Closed Indefinitely After Vandalism

“Climate of anger and mistrust prevails” as Catz Dean closes their bar “indefinitely” and cancels Halloween bop.

Queens’ Dean Backs Down

Queens’ College Dean has bowed to student pressure and reversed his ban on Halfway Hall.

TABTV: Catz Opinion On The Rugby Social Scandal

Catz students talk about the rugby social fiasco at the Red Bull and the dean’s response to it.

Royal Rumble

All non-academic related activities in Queens’ College have been indefinitely suspended following vandalism to college property last term.

Suicide Dean Faced Sex Claims

The Dean of King’s has been found dead after it emerged he was being investigated for child abuse.