Fifty Shades Of Blue: Part 5

GEORGINA SKYE enjoys a spot of Halloween punting as Fifty Shades returns…

dean Deaned doctor Erotic Fiction fifty shades of blue fifty shades of grey Georgina Skye Halloween handcuffs PUNTING vibrator

My homemade pumpkin costume will have to wait till next year to make its debut. It’s Halloween, and I’m sitting in the Dean’s office instead of being out with my friends. I never even got detention at school. Getting deaned was never part of my life plan.

The Dean is very old, and very angry. According to him, I’ve ‘deeply embarrassed the college’, ‘degraded myself by flaunting my body’, and ‘got a fellow in serious trouble.’ I await my verdict, wincing as the Dean accidentally sends spit flying towards my face.

I have to write a formal letter of apology to all staff members at the UL, and do volunteer work there for the rest of term. I’m relieved; the Dean seemed angry enough to kick me off my course.

It’s dark outside by the time I’m released. I take a detour to the plodge on the way back to my room. There’s a deep purple package in my pigeonhole. I’m so excited to have post that I pull open the ribbon and remove the lid there and then. My face turns fifty shades of red when I see what’s inside.

‘Sorry for getting you in trouble, and sorry you missed Halloween with your friends. I was looking forward to fucking you in that Pumpkin costume though. If you fancy a little “relief”, meet me at the Mill Lane punt station at 9. Bring these with you.’

I quickly put the lid back on the box to hide its contents. I look around guiltily to see if anyone has seen, before running back to my room for my costume.

He’s waiting for me by the river. I’m a little annoyed to see he hasn’t made any effort on the costume front, but melt as soon as he speaks:

‘Miss Skye, has anyone ever told you how ravishing you look in orange?’ He takes my hand as I take a wobbly step into the punt. There’s an actual pumpkin at one end, though I doubt its tea light is glowing half as brightly as my cheeks. Dr Blue asks me whether I’ve brought along my presents.

I nod nervously. ‘Good girl,’ he says before plunging the punt pole into the water.

We make swift progress. I should have guessed Dr Blue would be a champion punter along with ex-Union president, doctor, genius, sex god…I feel the tension mount in my body as I sit in silence, watching the man above me successively pound the water with his rod. I can’t believe I’m getting so turned on by this!

Worried I might combust if I look at him for too long, I look out over King’s college, lit up from within. I hear a sharp scream followed by shrieks of laughter – someone in costume must have jumped out on a friend.

The punt turns at a sharp right angle away from the college, into a hidden body of water away from the main river, concealed by a thick cover of trees. Dr Blue steers us to the bank, and secures the punt to a tree trunk with its chain before coming to sit beside me. I try to kiss him, but he holds back. ‘Present time first, Georgina,’ he says grinning, taking the purple box from my lap.

My heart thuds as he brings out the handcuffs and clicks them open. I surrender, holding my hands out towards him. He secures the cuffs tightly around my wrists before removing the next item from the box, a length of white rope. He fixes one end to the handcuffs, the other to the punt chain, tying elaborate knots. I wonder if he was president of the Cambridge Scout club too, though I doubt they had this in mind when he was taught.

I’m lying on the punt floor, arms suspended above my head where the rope is tied.

‘Now for the final present,’ Dr Blue says reaching back into the box.

He pulls out the vibrator and flicks the switch before running it suggestively up my leg. I pant, my insides contorting with potent, needy, liquid desire.

Moving the vibrator slowly higher, he pulls off my underwear and slides a finger into me.

‘You’re so wet, so quickly, Georgina. So responsive. I like that, a lot.’

I want to reach out and grab him, pull his mouth towards me and kiss it. Not being able to only intensifies my arousal.

‘Now,’ Dr Blue continues, ‘where would you like me to put this?’ He presses the vibrator against my inner thigh. So close!

‘INSIDE ME,’ I gasp, and all the muscles in my belly clench. My inner goddess is doing the dance of seven veils.

He does as I ask in one powerful movement. I cry out, my body writhing with pleasure. It’s not long before I feel myself begin to come.

‘I love you,’ my inner goddess shouts loudly. Shit. That wasn’t my inner goddess, it was me, the very real Georgina Skye tied up in a punt and naked from the waist down, declaring love to her Tutor.

Fifty Shades of Blue will return next week