Floating Voter

A French witch, first seen in the The Tab in October, now plans to stand in the next election.

Alasdair Pal demon gordon brown Magnus Lynius Shadee Monster Raving Loony Party Occult Witch

After first coming to the attention of The Tab back in October, it looks as though barmy Frenchman Magnus Lynius Shadee has returned in a puff of smoke.

The self-proclaimed King of All Witches, hopes to cast a spell on voters, and stand at the next general election.

But rival parties say his "eccentric" views are unlikely to attract much support.

As reported by The Tab, Shady Shadee plans to open an occult centre, and claims to have conjured up a demon in a number of Cambridge churches

Now he has contacted the city's returning officer and plans to stand in the election, expected to be called by Gordon Brown in May.

He said: "This is an opportunity to change people's lives for the better. I also hope to have candidates in six or seven other high-profile seats.

"I want to tackle the problems in education, health and crime and turn Britain into a truly secular society by banning faith schools and the teaching of religious education.

His education manifesto includes "a complete ban on all religious and faith schools" and "a ban on all religious and faith instruction in the classroom".

He also calls for zero tolerance on crimes involving children, sex, drugs or vice, with fixed custodial penalties. All jailed prisoners should pay for their keep and life should "mean life" when judges sentence people for premeditated and terrorist crimes, he says.

And he wants more tax on alcohol sold in supermarkets.

He said: "My manifesto is very forward and, if accepted, will change many directions for the better for the human race."

Daniel Zeichner, the Labour candidate, said: "General elections always throw up a mixture of the serious and more light-hearted, such as the Monster Raving Loony Party.

"I don't think there will be many people sharing his views."

David Howarth, the city's Liberal Democrat MP, is standing down and the party has yet to select its candidate.

Nick Hillman, the Conservative candidate, said: "I have no truck with Mr Shadee's eccentric views but if he can persuade enough people to nominate him – and it's a big if – I look forward to campaigning against him."