gordon brown

Five minutes with Ken Livingstone

The former Mayor of London KEN LIVINGSTONE takes some time at the Union to chat to CHRISTINA SWEENEY-BAIRD and SARAH BEADLE about Blair, Brown and Jimmy Savile.

A Cheeky Interview: Lembit Opik

Britain’s cheekiest politician and Lola Lo fan LEMBIT OPIK spoke to BEN REDWOOD before heading out on the town.

The News from the Dark Blues

In the first of our weekly updates from Oxford TIM WIGMORE talks of Britain’s Got Talent and wet t-shirts on May Day.

Interview: David Blunkett

‘Would you have protested if you were a student today?’ ‘Yes I would have.’ DAVID HOLLAND goes all John Humphreys on politician DAVID BLUNKETT.

Turn On, or Turn Off?

ALICE THWAITE examines the effect of the televised debates on the impending election.

Why Are the Lib Dems so Shit?

In the lead up to 6th May, DAN WALKER asks why the Lib Dems aren’t the clear front runner.

An UnPOPEular Arrest

TABATHA LEGGETT speculates over Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens’ attempt to arrest the Pope.

Debate: Are Arts Degrees Worth It?

MAX FOREMAN and OLIVIA ANNESS on the science/arts degree debate.

Review: Election Debate

Missed last night’s debate? Here’s what BAYAN PARVIZI has to say.

Insignificant Others

HANNAH MARTIN wonders why the women who are considered by the media to be political figures appear to be nothing more than WAGs.

Cast Your Vote: General Election 2010

Don’t be apathetic: BAYAN PARVIZI with a brief note on the upcoming election.

You Fool

After the The Tab’s hoax fools The Sun, PHOEBE LUCKHURST and LOTTIE UNWIN select April Fool’s Day’s finest efforts.

Dry Your Eyes, Mate

ELLIE PITHERS on why crying men should stay in the cupboard.

Furious George

George Owers, head of CULC, has sensationally accused the Russell Group of spinning ‘outrageous lies and misrepresentation’.

‘Morning After The Night Before’ For Uni

Staff and students have lashed out at Gordon Brown’s proposed £2.5 BILLION cut in higher education spending.

Floating Voter

A French witch, first seen in the The Tab in October, now plans to stand in the next election.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: Week One

We’re rating iPlayer’s latest offering, but slating Mr Brand.

Game of the Week: Zap Gordon’s Zits

London Conservative Futures have created this amusing game to win over the youth vote.