Cambridge Chaos: Swine To Blame

Chaos in Cambridge as snow – and a herd of pigs – shuts down transport

black ice Cambridge crashes grit M11 pigs roads shovel Snow transport university

No one wants the holidays to end, but thousands of students could have major issues getting back to uni at all.

Cambridge residents have had to deal with massive transport cock ups thanks to rogue weather conditions.

Trains all over the country are being affected but the roads are just as bad.

The police had to be called in to deal with dozens of drivers who span off the road and crashed into trees.

26 crashes happened in just two and a half hours on the A14 and A11 thanks to treacherous black ice.

The council is struggling to fill up gaping potholes in the roads caused by freezing water.

"The pavements are like ice rinks", said one sales shopper.

"No one has bothered to put grit down."

One Labour politician made national news this holiday when he got so fed up with the state of the roads that he delivered a shovel to the council in protest.

And it doesn't look like its going to get any better.

Coming up is more snow, freezing -6C temperatures and severe weather warnings for Cambridge.

Prize for the weirdest problem facing motorists? A herd of pigs escaped from a truck and the M11 had to be shut down.

Check out the ridiculous video:

Pigs on M11