Downing 2-1 Girton

Downing cement first place with important win.

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Downing 2-1 Girton

Downing came out on top in the clash of the two undefeated teams of league 1 as they beat Girton in a gritty game.

On a windy afternoon, Downing started explosively, and after the left back shafted it down the dirt-track, James Corcut delivered a cross to the feet of Sam Issacs who put it home to make it 1-0 with only 2 minutes on the clock.

The rest of the first half was even, with both teams having a number of long-range shots. The game was disciplined, with few free-kicks or hard challenges and the referee did well to nip any bad behaviour in the bud, whilst sporting his mahoosive tash for “Movember”.

The second half saw Girton bring on the cavalry in Blues’ players Matt Cook and Jack Hylands. However, Downing played a tight defensive game with captain Tom Marsh controlling things at the back.

In the 55th minute, Tom Nutt made a darting run pass the Girton right-back and played a lovely through-ball to leave Dan Sellman one-on-one with the keeper. He smashed it straight into the keeper’s gut and the ball fell to Nutt, who from a tight angle slotted it into the bottom left corner to make it 2-0.

This only seemed to stir up the Girton players, and within a minute a cross from the right wing found Captain Andy Stone to make it 2-1. Stone had a good game, and his team always looked like they could grab an equaliser to draw the match level if their shots had been a bit more controlled.

Man of the Match has to go to Downing’s fresher Tom Nutt who worked tirelessly and always looked threatening with a killer through-ball.

The rest of the game was played out with the help of Downing’s strong defence and Girton not converting chances. Lukas Wong, a Girton fresher on the subs bench, said “Look at them! They’re resorting to Sunday League tactics and killing the game. We came here to put on a show of silky skills, this is a farce!”

There was more action on the sidelines than on the pitch for periods of the game. Downing’s support, led by Downing philosopher Ray Brooks, were chanting “They wear green and white, but they’re still bloody shite, They’ve got red in their kit, but their still really shit. They’re sponsored by CUSU ents, but all their team are bent. It’s Girton!”

The Downing team were pleased to hear the final whistle, and Marsh said his team’s performance was “under par and we were suffering a few injuries. It’s now our title to lose provided we don’t fanny around like today!

Girton’s Captain Stone rightfully noted that the wind was influential on the result and his team’s inability to convert chances cost them the points. However, he said the league isn’t assured, any team can beat any other and his side will fight all the way.

Full league round up and tables to follow.