Injury Crisis Scuppers Trinity

The First Division Rugby clash between Jesus and Trinity was controversially postponed today

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Today’s much awaited game between First Division Rugby rivals Jesus and Trinity was postponed, as Trinity, blighted by an injury crisis, found themselves scarcely able to put out a full XV.

In a statement released earlier today, Trinity’s vice-Captain, Jack Lewars, said “We [Trinity] were disappointed to ask for a postponement but had 8 players injured and 5 more unavailable through course-related commitments. We look forward to two good rugby matches with Jesus later in the year”.

Insiders in the Trinity camp point to last week’s brutal encounter with Downing, in which several players were seriously hurt and a Downing player was taken off the field in an ambulance, as the cause of the cancellation.

Miles Daly, Jesus 1st XV captain was keen to downplay any controversy surrounding the postponement, stating that “Trinity were missing a number of players through injury; it seemed unfair to punish them for that. There’s no fun in one-sided games of Rugby”.

Behind the scenes, however,  other Jesus players were somewhat less diplomatic in their assessment of events. One Jesus forward described Trinity’s postponement as ‘”an absolute embarrassment. They’ve got more than a thousand students and they can’t put fifteen blokes on a rugby field. They really need to man up“.

Division one reports, results and full rugby tables to follow.