Savage Shunned by Union

Controversial American Michael Savage was, at the last minute, cancelled from speaking at the Cambridge Union.

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Controversial right-wing radio host Michael Savage had an invitation to speak at the Cambridge Union WITHDRAWN at the last minute.

The rabble-rouser was scheduled to oppose political correctness in last Thursday’s debate.
Plans were in place for a video address by Savage after Home Secretary Jacqui Smith banned the American from entering the country.
Savage was named on a list of 16 ‘extremists’ barred from Britain, along with Russian racists and Jewish, Christian and Islamic fundamentalists.
Smith told GMTV: “It’s important that people understand…the fact that it’s a privilege to come and the sort of things that mean you won’t be welcome in this country,"
On Savage, she quipped, “He is not your sort of Terry Wogan type character.”
Savage hit back, vowing to sue and branding Smith a "witch", "Bolshevik", and "beer-swilling mutt".
Such remarks pale in comparison with the shock-jock’s savage statements on Islam, women, immigrants, and homosexuality (which he calls “anal rights”).
Savage, born Michael Weiner to a Jewish family, once warned his 10 million listeners that, “The next time you’re in your backyard grilling hot dogs, don’t be surprised if your Korean neighbor is actually grilling his dog. That’s the way things are done in Korea."
When the ban was announced, the Union arranged for Savage to speak on the topical issue via videolink. But days before the debate was due to take place, they opted to call off his talk completely.
Savage criticised “the socialist Brown regime” for cancelling his appearance.
However, Union officials stressed that the decision was not politically motivated.
Union President Julien Domercq instead blamed the budget. He claimed that limited funds left the Union unable to pick up the tab for Savage’s high-tech demands.
In an email to the Telegraph, Domercq explained, “We proposed to Dr Savage that he speak by videophone, but his team demanded higher spec equipment than we were able to provide and were not willing to negotiate or contribute to the costs.”
Savage makes a reported $10 million per year.
The Union, founded in 1815, is the world’s oldest debating society. It is no stranger to scandal, with Ronald Reagan and Henry Kissinger among the polemic personalities hosted over the years.
Controversy kicked off in the 1980’s, when the Ambassador of South Africa attended a debate. This led to “a full-scale riot outside the building with bricks being hurled through the windows”, according to the Union website.