Why we invited Katie Hopkins to speak at The Cambridge Union

It’s all about free debate

DEAR SON: Anti-Immigration letter sent to JCRs

“Dad” is back.

Police on the hunt following racial attack at Cambridge Tesco

Cambridge constabulary are searching for a man after “racially aggravated assault” at the Tesco near Homerton

It’s The News!

Hitting satirical targets with the accuracy of Ashley Cole with an air rifle, It’s the News is back and better than ever (note: this is no guarantee of quality).

Cambridge Cops Caught Sexting

200 staff from Cambridgeshire police force have been disciplined over the last 5 years for offenses including racist emails and ‘sex texting’.


A Labour MP has demanded that an Egyptian student apologise for all Jewish deaths during a Cambridge Union debate.

Savage Shunned by Union

Controversial American Michael Savage was, at the last minute, cancelled from speaking at the Cambridge Union.