Cambridge Cops Caught Sexting

200 staff from Cambridgeshire police force have been disciplined over the last 5 years for offenses including racist emails and ‘sex texting’.

Cambridge cambridgeshire discipline police porn racist sex text

Cambridge police have been caught sending racist and sexist emails as well as sending sex texts, it emerged last week.

A Freedom of Information Act request uncovered that staff of Cambridge Constabulary sent sleazy ‘sex texts’, racist emails and even downloaded porn onto force computers.

In the past five years, Cambridge Constabulary disciplined over 200 staff for misconduct, sacking 14, with culprits ranging from a chief inspector and a detective sergeant to Community support officers and backroom staff.

One constable was given a written warning in 2009 for sending racist and insulting emails, while a Community Support Officer was also sacked in April 2010 for sending racist emails.

A detective sergeant in the CID was also given a final warning for accessing porn on a police mobile in 2009, and two safer communities constables were given written warning for downloading porn in 2009.

Even a chief inspector at the force’s headquarters in Huntingdon was disciplined for sending “abusive” communications from a police computer.

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert called the behaviour “unacceptable,” but added that he is “confident the force is doing everything it can to ensure officers and staff adhere to its code of conduct.”

But others weren’t so sure. Amy Bennett, a first year NatSci at Homerton, said: “It really is worrying to hear of the prevalence of attitudes of discrimination among those supposed to be enforcing the laws against it.”

A Cambridgeshire Constabulary spokeswoman said: ”The force takes all reports of discrimination and misuse of force equipment seriously and will investigate each one thoroughly.

“Anyone caught behaving inappropriately will be dealt with robustly and risks disciplinary action.”