political correctness

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In defence of content warnings

Political correctness gone mad or just being empathetic

No offence, but political correctness has gone too far

I’m sick of tiptoeing around liberal snowflakes

NUS to ban whooping, cheering and clapping

Attendees have to use jazz hands instead

The Pepsi advert deserved the anger it provoked

A response to: The Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert – was it worth getting so angry?

The Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert – was it worth getting so angry?

Capitalistic exploitation of suffering, or just a simple mistake?

Queens’ College in hot soup over Africa Formal

“Africa isn’t yours to appropriate”

Controversial “drag” bop at Robinson College: Offensive or political correctness gone mad?

#boycottbop2016 anyone?

The Truth of Top Gear

Is there a darker side to the thrill of the politically incorrect?

The Covert Critique

A stab at the virtual ‘poisoned pen’ of the online critic, and a consideration of the freedom that comes with internet anonymity.

One Big DilEMMA: PC Gone Mad

EREN KILICH likes to dress as a prostitute. And won’t let bop planners tell him he can’t.

A Literally Lethal Problem

Have you come over all Lauren from The Hills, and started tragically misusing the word ‘literally’?

Savage Shunned by Union

Controversial American Michael Savage was, at the last minute, cancelled from speaking at the Cambridge Union.