New uni rankings are out and Brookes has outdone itself

Lol Brookes not Books am I right

Another year, another uni league table. The Times Higher Education World Univeristy Rankings have released their official 2021 list of all the best uni’s in the world, and its causing quite a stir. Of course Oxford came top of the leagues once again, while Brookes on the other hand, has unsuprisingly found itself rocking in at a solid 79th place in the UK this year, good work guys.

Not to worry though, Brookes still ranked in the top 50 for teaching in the UK (just, we’re 46th), and well within the top 100 for research coming in at 54th place. And despite where we may have come in the overall rankings, Brookes was still rewarded a score of 79.2 out of 100 for international outlook!

In terms of specific subjects, Brookes has done pretty well, coming in at 13th best for Vetinary Science, 24th for Architecture, 33rd for Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, 35th for Educational Studies, and 41st for Law.

At the end of the day, it would be lovely to shove a higher rank in the faces of all those who make us say ‘Brookes’ very clearly after we say we study in Oxford, but its okay, because although the degree is why we’re technically here, we all know fishies loyalty lies higher than any 9am lecture. Screw your rankings, Brookes not Books 4eva.