Nightlife for Dummies (Freshers): Your guide to Bristol’s clubs

A comprehensive guide to ten student-favourite clubs

Deciding where to go on a night out in a new city can be daunting. Bristol’s wide variety of weird and wonderful venues being no exception. So rather than writing a guide to those, which you will likely never visit. We have compiled a list of the most popular clubbing destinations in the post-Covid era.


One for the history books and synonymous with the city itself, this tightly packed spot is top of the list for clubbing destinations for any inbound Freshers.

As insecure as the raver student cliché may make you feel, get yourself down to Stokes Croft and away from The Triangle for an exotic excursion, and demonstrate how unashamedly well you do one of the University of Bristol student stereotypes.

With discounted Freshers raves to ease you into this one, have no doubt that Lakota will be a mainstay during your time here (if it doesn’t get demolished for flat development).

best clubs Bristol

The Crofters Rights

Another Stokes Croft destination, this venue offers perhaps the broadest spectrum of music on the list. Boasting everything from Indie to, yes you guessed it, Drum and Bass.

There’s an event for all your flatmates: great as an ice breaker if you fancy a more sincere interaction than the monotonous fresher small talk you’ll become all too accustomed to. How many people want to hear that you’re an Oxbridge reject in one night anyway?

best clubs Bristol


This one is going to be on your socials, a lot. Déjà vu because you’re sure you’ve seen the DJ before and yes it’s your quiet Bio Med course mate drilling gunfingers to their latest bootleg. Not that this is a negative: cheaper nights and you’ll know everyone in this fairly intimate, cave-like venue.

Situated at the bottom of Park Street, it’s not too far of a deviation from The Triangle where you will inevitably spend most of your student loan.

best clubs Bristol


Hope you don’t get seasick! Because the combination of cheap jägerbombs and this venue being a literal boat makes for some wavy nights.

Thekla Thursdays is a student saviour as they offer 2-4-1 drinks. However, this is deep into UWE territory so best keep the “Rahs” to yourselves and don’t go wearing your vintage England Euros 96’ shirt when the World Cup is on because sportswear is not allowed in any capacity. Maybe they just don’t rock with the UoB sports night vibe?

best clubs Bristol

Lola Lo

The Hollister like nasal invasion of this Hawaiian themed club will be pleasant at first, but soon you will be left with regrets and social anxiety.

The first in the list of The Triangle club destinations and undoubtedly one that new students will soon become accustomed to. Shit shirt themed nights go off at this destination, so there’s bound to be some pretty originally themed social nights of that nature at this club.

best clubs Bristol


Home to the infamous Bed Mondays and Wednesday’s Fishies, Gravs has firmly cemented itself as a student favourite.

Some of you younglings will likely spend more time here than at lectures and that’s okay, first year is an expensive socialising camp anyway, right? The ball-pit will go from being nostalgic to nauseous faster than you think, so enjoy the novelty whilst it lasts.

best clubs Bristol

La Rocca

A cheaper option on The Triangle, La Rocca is the destination for a lot of society nights out so it will become familiar territory quickly for some.

A somewhat psychedelic experience between the mirror covered walls and disco multi coloured dance floor. It’s stimulating enough for Drama students to have their socials there every week, so there is something for everyone.

best clubs Bristol

Lizard Lounge

Amongst the masses on The Triangle is Lizard Lounge, of which hosts the somewhat iconic “time-out” Wednesdays which means deals on VKs. Consequently, you’ll be getting nutmegged with the empty vessels until the early hour of the morning before inevitably catching one under your foot on your walk home and stacking it. Injuries on and off the clubs Bristol


Small, expensive and seemingly always open. Some swear by this club but the pricing to available floor space is reminiscent of the uni room you’re paying too much for.

There are some redeeming deals however; if you fancy going out on a Tuesday whilst everyone else recovers from “Bed Mondays”, then Mbargo is the place for you.

best clubs Bristol


The biggest club on the list and certainly the venue with a lighter Bristol uni demographic for most of the year, PRYZM is very much an archetype of club. A city developer’s wet dream, tucked away from residential areas and amongst an array of other bars.

PRYZM also boasts a £1 student night on Mondays and drinks are £1.50. Maybe the soggy Big Macs launched from the stage will start looking seductive after exploiting the dirt-cheap drinks.

One thing is for sure, you are unlikely to remember the events from a night in PRYZM. Some things are best forgotten and all that.

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