Jason Donervan finally returns to the Triangle after year long absence

‘Tell them we’re back and it’s business as usual’

Bristol University students will be elated to know that the famous Jason Donervan is back open after over a year since they were forced to shut due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has been a long awaited arrival for many who have been deprived of the suspicious Doner meat we all willingly eat after one too many jägerbombs.

The Bristol Tab went down and spoke to the man himself. He told us he was forced to close due to the restrictions that have halted nightlife for the past year. Like every other Bristol student, Donervans is nothing without Lounge and Grav.

“Jason” told The Bristol Tab he was excited and looking forward to welcoming back all his loyal customers before adding: “I desperately need the money they have to come in!”

“Tell them we’re back and it’s business as usual.”

For freshers who don’t yet know Donervans, the notorious kebab van is located just off Clifton Triangle making it the perfect place for a drunken feast after a night in Gravity, Lizard Lounge or Lola’s. It’s also next to Queen’s Avenue U1 bus stop so it is ideal for those going back to Stoke Bishop.

Donervans are cash only so make sure you save your pennies for your chips and curry sauce.

Featured Image credit: @ledarville

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