Bristol Uni postpones all graduations until Spring 2022

‘Virtual celebration events’ will be held this summer for the class of 2021

Bristol University has announced that all in-person graduation ceremonies will be postponed until Spring 2022.

In an email sent to finalists at 8:07 am, the Graduation Office confirmed that “virtual celebration events” will be held this summer, for the class of 2021. Emails will be going out to different cohorts throughout today and tomorrow.

The email explained that: “despite the vaccine programme continuing apace, the UK remains in a situation of uncertainty in respect to large scale indoor events.”

This decision affects tens of thousands of students who were due to have their graduation ceremonies in summer 2020, February 2021, and summer 2021.


A screenshot from the email sent to some students this morning

Last summer Bristol University also held virtual celebration events for the class of 2020. At the time students, were told to expect that their graduation ceremonies would happen in 2021.

With the government roadmap saying that large scale events should be able to take place from the 21st of June, this decision creates some confusion as to why ceremonies due to be held in July cannot take place.

In a statement to The Bristol Tab, a Bristol Uni spokesperson blamed “ongoing unpredictability around hosting mass events” which resulted in the decision to again postpone all ceremonies, adding: “Virtual celebrations will take place in the summer for the February 2021 and July 2021 cohorts.

“The plan is to host ceremonies for all students who have not yet had the opportunity to graduate in Spring 2022.

“We know many students will be disappointed by this decision, but we look forward to next year when we can hold these ceremonies safely.”

Issie Levin a final year, English student has said that she’s “disappointed the uni couldn’t make it work, but unsurprised considering their blasé attitude to our education this year.”

Last week the government confirmed that universities will not be returning to in-person teaching until May 17th. This means that many students will not be returning to university at all this year.

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