As it happened: Clashes between police and protesters at third Kill The Bill protest

Violence broke out at around 22:30

Last night police clashed with protesters at Bristol’s third Kill The Bill protest. After a peaceful sit down protest in front of Bridewell police station, police moved in to disperse crowds around 10:30pm.

Here is how the afternoon unfolded:


Protesters gathered on College Green this afternoon to protest the Police Crime, Courts and Sentencing Bill.


Protesters march to Bridewell Street and are greeted by four rows of riot police.


Protesters stage a sit in outside of Bridewell police station chanting “peaceful protest”.

People in the background are playing music and partying.


Police move in on protesters and try to force the crowd to disperse. Tensions rise and police can be seen shoving protesters.

Protesters chant “shame on you” as police advance.


Police grab protesters. Protesters fall to the floor as they run.


Police start using dogs to disperse protesters.


The police continue to make progress pushing the crowd back. Protesters are being moved towards the Bristol Bear Pit.

People are throwing debris at police officers. One protester throws a traffic cone at police officers.

Protesters claim that police are using “excessive force”. Police are claiming that this protest is illegal as a result of the pandemic.

Police have also claimed that “projectiles, including eggs and glass bottles, are being thrown at officers.”

Cars honk in support of the protest.

Legal advisors can be seen watching police, and noting down badge numbers.

Protesters have been split into two groups. One group is by the Bear Pit and the other is allegedly by Castle Park.


Protesters mingle by the Bear Pit as the police slow their advance.


Protesters attempt to block the road with cones.


ITV West has claimed that police have arrested protesters.


Protesters try and stop a police van from driving past by blocking the road with cones.

Offices approach to clear the road. Protesters try and prevent the van from leaving peacefully.


Police lines advancing using mounted police. Mounted police are moving in to push protesters back.

Officers clear the blocked road and remove cones from underneath the van.

Protesters throw cones at horses. Police advance around the Bear Pit roundabout.

Protesters flee the police by running through traffic.


Police moving at pace trying to disperse the crowd. Demonstrators are running through roads and are hitting the police van as they run.


Fireworks are set off and thrown at horses and liquid thrown at policemen.

Police continue to advance.

More fireworks launched at police. Police charge at protesters.

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