Hundreds stage sit in outside Bristol Bridewell police station

Four rows of police officers stand between demonstrators and the Bridewell police station

Hundreds of Kill the Bill protestors have staged a sit in outside of the Bristol Bridewell police station.

There are at least four rows of police officers standing between demonstrators and the Bridewell police station. Officers are dressed in riot gear and are holding small round shields. There are also several police vans at the scene.

The Kill the Bill protest began this afternoon at 4pm on College Green. Protestors are gathering to demonstrate against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that amongst other things increases the powers of police to prevent protest.

Protestors can be heard chanting “Who do you protect?” and “Where’s your broken arm”. This is in reference to the fact that the Avon and Somerset Police initially claimed two officers had bones broken during Sunday’s protest but later admitted these claims were untrue.

Protestors are keen to demonstrate to police that this time the protests will be completely peaceful and so hundreds of people have sat on the floor, in the road in front of police.

On Sunday night, during the first Kill the Bill protest, violence broke out and protestors smashed the windows of the Bridewell police station and set a police van on fire.

Today Bristol University warned students to “avoid” College Green over fears that violence would erupt at this protest.

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