Here are all the best signs from Bristol’s Kill The Bill protest

Because we all love seeing Priti Patel in the Burn Book

Around 2,000 protestors attended the “Kill The Bill” protest in Bristol yesterday. They were protesting a new bill designed to give police more powers to shut down protests.

They marched peacefully through the City Centre from 1:30pm, around Broadmead and ended at Castle Park. A Twitter user at the scene described it as a “carnival atmosphere”.

Before the protest took a violent turn as night fell, there were families and children in attendance at the march.

The Bristol Tab went along and caught some of the best signs from the peaceful protest:

“This woman is the nastiest skank politician. Do not trust her!!!”

“This bill-y can suck my willy”

“If it isn’t disruptive, it’s not a protest, it’s a day out”

“Priti is a poo poo head”

“Less power to the police… All power to the people!”

“The power of people is stronger than the power of the people in power.”

“You kill our sister…We kill your bill”

“Priti out of order”

“The future ain’t Priti”

“Priti Patel? More like shitty Patel”

“Priti Patel more like Priti fucking clapped”

“If protesting worked they would make it illegal”

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