Online vigil run by Bristol Feminist Society for Sarah Everard was ‘Zoombombed’

‘We can’t even mourn Sarah’s death in peace without being subjected to male harassment’

Bristol Feminist Society (Bristol iFemsoc) held an online vigil for Sarah Everard last night, which was disrupted by someone “Zoom-bombing” the event.

According to an attendee at the vigil, the perpetrators launched their attack during a two minute silence where “a couple of male voices” were heard saying “haha she’s not dead” and “I’m Sarah, I’m not dead”.

The attendee also told The Bristol Tab that the organisers promptly kicked attendees out of the Zoom who were unmuted, and then had to stop letting people in, in order to avoid further disruption.

Bristol iFemsoc released a statement today about what happened, and praised attendees who were patient during the disruption: “We at Bristol iFemsoc are angered and disgusted by those who attempted to disrupt the vigil we held last night. We want to thank the vast majority of attendees who were respectful for their patience during the disruption, and to assure you that we are doing everything possible to prevent the conversation being derailed and hold those who tried to do so to account.”

They also said: “Disrespect and “Zoom-bombing” will never be tolerated, especially in such a poignant and important event, and we are working with the University of Bristol to make sure those responsible are held to account promptly.

“This is yet another example of spaces for women and oppressed minorities being made unsafe by the actions of a few violent individuals. If you have any information regarding these individuals, please get in touch with us.”

Attendee to the vigil, Syirxh, told The Bristol Tab the Zoom-bombing shocked her deeply: “Obviously it made me angry and livid too, but I didn’t expect anyone to be so disrespectful especially so shortly after a woman was murdered.

“We can’t even mourn Sarah’s death in peace without being subjected to male harassment, because at the end of the day this was harassment. It made women there feel distressed, during an already distressing time, in what should’ve been a safe space for all of us.”

Bristol Femsoc urge attendees to reach out to welfare support if they feel affected by what happened last night.

The Bristol SU has also released a statement of support from Bristol iFemsoc, and condemned the actions of the Zoom-bombers.

Bristol SU said:”We want to reiterate that we are standing with all students that are facing sexual harassment and violence”.

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