Hugh Brady introduces weekly clap for Bristol students instead of tuition fee refunds

Get your Le Creuset pan and a wooden spoon ready

In an email sent to students yesterday evening, Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady announced that he will be introducing a weekly “clap for students” event in Bristol instead of dishing out tuition fee refunds.

In the email, Brady emphasised that the clap will help “boost morale” before the summer exam season, as students are feeling disadvantaged after a year of online learning.

The weekly “clap for students” will go ahead every Thursday night at 8pm.

Brady encourages all students to stand on their doorstep’s throughout Bristol, and clap their hands, Le Creuset saucepans or tinnies together in a show of solidarity for students after such a tough year.

In the email, Brady said: “After noting how successful the national ‘clap for carers’ was in bringing communities together last year, we hope we can do the same during this stressful period.

“The new blended and online learning teaching structures have been a big adjustment for all of us at the university, but hopefully this weekly event will make up for the disruption as the community can come together in solidarity after a challenging academic year.

“We cannot promise tuition refunds at this time, but we can promise a definite morale boost before the summer exam season.”

The Bristol Tab spoke to Teddy and Robin, Masters students in Creative Writing, who said they felt disappointed but optimistic about the announcement: “We don’t think it solves the core issues students are facing, but it will be nice to see our neighbours after months of strict lockdown measures.”

Benjamin, who studies Bio Med, was more sarcastic, telling us: “Slow clap for Hugh Brady and his absolutely genius plan. This is why the uni pays him the big bucks – stuff like this.”

Brady also added that the senior team at the University of Bristol look forward to hearing “the sound of student solidarity ringing out across Bristol” every Thursday evening for the next six weeks.

By the way, check the date!

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