These are the best six places to catch the sunset in Bristol, according to UoB students

Get those tinnies and a BBQ at the ready

With Easter just around the corner and the longer days coming soon The Bristol Tab reached out to Bristol students with an Instagram poll to see where they thought the best spots in Bristol are to catch the sunset.

We thought we’d share the results of that poll with you, so you too can catch those vital last minutes of golden hour.

1. Clifton Suspension Bridge

The bridge is certainly not a place for those with a fear of height, like myself. But certainly worth it for those who are more fond of heights, to watch the sun fill the Avon Gorge below as it sets in the distance. Brunel would be proud.  The famed suspension bridge is free to walk across to Ashton Court and the deers, and only £1 to drive across.

2. Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill is slap bang in-between Clifton and Park Street, once climbed up what might feel like Everest Brandon Hill offers great views of the city centre and beyond. Ideal for those trying to catch the last minutes of golden hour.

3. Harbourside

Harbourside is perfect to take a drink to and watch the boats come in and out after a hard day of grinding those essays out. When pubs open, Kings Street will be heaving and add to that summer atmosphere.  Also great for a wander around whilst the sun is setting.

4. Any Bristol Roof

Maybe only applicable to the lucky few who are fortunate enough to have a roof that they can access, but a lot of you recommended your own views. Mine offers views across the whole of Clifton and the city! Even good for a mid-afternoon drink whilst the sun is up, but don’t get too close to the edge.

5. The Downs

A trip to the downs for the sunset is a must for any Bristol student. In the summer, the smell of burnt burgers on tiny BBQs fills the summer air. The downs are also the perfect location for a sunset run.

6. Cabot Tower

The top of Cabot Tower sits 32m above Brandon Hill, free to climb to the top it undoubtably provides great views of Bristol, although you’ll be sharing the limited space at the top with others, so maybe not the best spot to crack open the beers and start your BBQ.

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