Petition launched asking for strikes compensation

It’s unlikely the uni will offer compensation

A petition has been launched calling for the University of Bristol to compensate students for missed contact hours during the upcoming lecturer strikes.

Similar petitions are cropping up all around the country with one at Sheffield Hallam nearing 14,000 signatures.

The Bristol petition calls for the "University of Bristol to reimburse all students for teaching and learning time lost due to the planned strikes."

The petition also hopes the uni will continue to work with UCU and listen to the demands of the striking lecturers.

"As students, we support our lecturers and University staff who choose to take industrial action to protect their- and our- futures and interests.

"However, we feel that we should be compensated by the University of Bristol for the fact that we are missing extremely valuable time and resources from our education." The petition reads.

It is unlikely the uni will compensate students for the upcoming strikes as, after last years strike period, they said students won't be reimbursed for lost contact hours, but withheld staff pay would be reinvested into "student-related activities."