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UoB email English students telling them their exam is on the wrong day

They thought the exam had been brought forward by four days

The English Admin team has just initiated a storm of uncertainty after sending an email which wrongly told students that their exam had been brought forward by four days.

The admin team told those taking the ‘Shakespeare’ exam, originally scheduled for Monday, that the exam was scheduled for tomorrow (Friday).

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Students are unsurprisingly fuming at the news, taking to the group chat to share their 'Big Book Energy'.

Freya McCoy took the opportunity to revise ‘hyperbole’ for Monday’s exam, saying "I’m in Spain and almost had a heart attack on the beach."

Camille Braun, another student enrolled in the Shakespeare unit, was keen to brush up on some early modern language, saying with regard to the admin team, "Thou hath fucketh upeth."

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, concluded that "the English department is as useless as the degree itself."

Laura Mallinson calmed things down, bringing balance to the argument by saying, "give them a break, they're stressed about how many contact hours they've got to sort for us."

Whilst many have responded with humour, the confusion has clearly caused an unnecessary spike in stress levels.

Exam timetables still suggest however that the 'Writing the City' exam is tomorrow, and the 'Shakespeare' exam will take place on Monday, as initially presumed.

Luckily, if you are feeling stressed as a result of this error, or just in the exam period in general, be sure to cop yourself some bubble wrap and just watch those worries drift away.

A University spokesperson said: 'An email including the wrong date for this specific exam was sent out yesterday.

'As soon as we became aware, we contacted the students affected to inform them of this and to provide clarity on the correct time and date for the exam. We apologise for any confusion and unnecessary worry this may have caused.'

Featured image: Copyright Rose and Trev Clough, via Creative Commons