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Everything I learnt as a Bristol fresher this term

There is so much sexual tension in the ASS

There's an odd rivalry between freshers who live in Stoke Bishop and those in city centre

It's like the Montagues and Capulets with the U1 bus setting us apart.

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9am lectures with a hangover are a killer

It's impressive how many students I see drag themselves to a lecture after a heavy night out at Motion that ended with everyone talking in the kitchen till 5am. I can only just about read Chaucer when I've had five cups of coffee, not when I've had three hour sleep.

Park Street is an absolute killer

Our extremely toned calf muscles will thank us later!

Flared trousers are always in fashion

It doesn't matter if its -1 outside, flared trousers and an over-sized vintage jumper will always be appropriate according to EVERY Bristol Uni student.

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Studying in Wills Memorial Building makes us feel like we are in Hogwarts

Or just a top Russell Group uni.

And the ASS (Arts and Social Sciences) library is treated like an episode of Love Island

I have honestly never felt so much sexual tension in a library before.

The clubs on the Triangle are a laugh, even though they are pretty god damn awful

Cheap VK? Awful chart music? Count me in.

No matter how broke a Bristol student complains they are, they still manage to get lunch and a coffee from Friska every day

Someone please explain to me how?

Wednesday sports night is carnage

I don't even play a sport but I've seen the horrors, I made the mistake of inviting my parents down on a Wednesday evening and they certainly were confused when they saw a whole team in speedos absolutely smashed walking down Park Street

Most of all, Bristol is a crazy city

From what I've seen so far it looks like Bristol has it all – amazing night life and I can not wait to see what the next three years hold.

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