Rice N Spice: The student run food business taking Bristol by storm

One fresher with a dream

Bristol Uni is filled with stereotypes.

All over campus posh gym boys can be seen walking past blonde girls from Surrey who sit next to wavy friends with vintage clothing.

The same old stories play out in the same old locations and classic Bristol fashions die hard.

But every once in a while you get a student who breaks the mould. A student who stands out by creating something fresh and new.

The someone we, and everyone else, is talking about right now is Bristol Economics fresher Simmy Dhilon who has created a student food business that has Bristol Uni addicted.

Every week in his Stoke Bishop lab he concocts a huge batch of his secret recipe Jerk Chicken.

The delicious meals are then delivered to students all over Stoke Bishop and on campus by Simmy and his friends for a modest £5.

We spoke to Simmy to find out more about Rice N Spice and what makes it so damned good.

What inspired you to start the business? 

“I’d always been into cooking and have done a few entrepreneurial projects before coming to Uni. One day in early February my lack of money was bothering me. One of my flatmates tried some of the dinner I’d made for myself that day and said how good it was – then it hit me.”

Which locations do you work in?

“We mostly deliver in Stoke Bishop but I sometimes deliver to the ASS, the triangle and people who have just come out of the gym. I’m trying to set up a preorder system whereby people can tell me what they want and where the day before.”

What is currently on the menu?

“Jerk chicken is our main thing. But we also have a vegetarian option and I’m working on a Peri-Peri dish to spice things up a bit.”

Some happy customers

Any ideas for how you want the business to develop?

“I’m thinking of making connections with sports societies and clubs. I also might start hiring more people for deliveries if the business grows. I already put 10% of profits into a different charity ever week so I might start doing more things like that too.”

“I’m also going to set up a similar business back at home and if that goes well then I might expand further.”

It is customary to get a photo with your order of delicious jerk chicken

How much do you make per week?

“The most I made was £200 but it’s normally around £120.”

Any tips for other budding student entrepreneurs? 

“1st year is a good time to try something out. I already have to juggle a social life with the business and my work and it’s had its issues. Better to start on a new project when you have more time and things are more relaxed – then you can choose to take it further if you want.”

“You also can’t do everything on your own. You need a close friend to advise you and help you out when things get complicated – that’s why I have my main man Tyrone to back me up.”

Any hints as to whats in your secret recipe?

“Haha, no chance.”

Since interviewing Simmy we’ve ordered 2 Jerk Chicken meals and we simply cant get enough of it. It’s not too spicy, not too salty – a perfect warm pick me up when you’re working hard in the ASS.

What is already a hit with students is sure to go even further over exam season.

Add Rice N Spice on Facebook right here.

You can order from Simmy by calling this number – 07546931440

Follow Simmy and the business’s instagram here – @simmydhillon_