Bristol lecturer posts hilarious advert in attempt to find a housemate

He needs space to grow his own tomatoes

A lecturer who has just started working as a lecturer at Bristol University has posted a hilarious video in a bid to find somewhere to live.

The question on all of our minds

He uploaded the video “to show you how beautiful my current flat is and how beautiful that means my new one’s gonna have to be to make up for the fact I’m leaving…boo-hoo-hoo”

His lustrous likability doesn’t end there.

Rob decided to take his search to, a flat-share website that allows users to create a personal profile that helps them find a flat living with people that they ‘click with.’
Rob knows his worth and he knows what he wants; the jovial ad is entitled ‘excellent person looking for a gorgeous home’. He identifies as being fun, friendly, sensible, musical, talkative, energetic and all the things that make a nice housemate’.

He’s not happy about leaving

Rob is a modern man, who longs for communal trips to the local yoga class  and a plot where he can grow his own tomatoes.  He’s in touch with his emotions, but can also balance this out with a bit of banter.

He writes in his ad that he enjoyssitting for hours in the kitchen talking about love, life and leprosy (ok, not leprosy so much. Alliteration is hard. Maybe “lexicography” would’ve been a better shout.)

Rob isn’t stingy when it comes to his food. What’s his is yours.  He lists ‘sharing milk, eggs, butter, marge, flour, pasta and tea bags’ as some of his features.

Before you even consider thinking about living with Rob, remember your ‘joie de vivre’ as it’s considered standard. Rob reminisces about ‘games of drunken trivial pursuit/pictionary/monopoly/articulate/bananagrams which continued late into the night’.  He is literally everything you could ever want in a housemate.

Terms and conditions apply.

Rob’s advert is listed here.