And The Winner Is…

Follow the action with our results night liveblog!


After two weeks of campaigning and controversy, results night is finally here. Our live blog will get things started below at around 7pm. Until then, be sure to check out the best of our election coverage.

Our animators did their best to get people interested with some brilliant Candidate Caricatures.

We took a look at the best and worst manifesto pledges.

Candidates sent in their campaign photos, some of which came from as far afield as Australia!

We handed out awards to our favourite campaign videos.

Whilst UBTV produced some brilliant videos of their own, setting all the candidates a series of ridiculous challenges.

In the news, Scott Darroch’s bid to be VP Sports & Health was hit by an attempted smear campaign.

Also, the fight for President heated up when Rob Griffiths was found guilty of breaking budget restrictions after rival Chen’s boyfriend levelled a series of charges at him.

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19:05 Strap in boys and girls, it’s time for results night. Like many we’re en route to the Richmond. If you’re already there, save us a seat.

Results from The Tab election polls will be up in the next ten minutes or so. Be sure to check back.

19:33 We’re here, and the turnout can only be described as…average. Obviously record voting numbers don’t translate into record crowds…yet.

But enough delaying, who won our Tab polls? Here is our readers’ full list of winners.

President: Rob Griffiths
VP Welfare & Equality: Alessandra Berti
VP Sport & Health: Hannah Pollak
VP Education: Tom Flynn
VP Activities: Imogen Palmer
VP Community: Ellie Williams

More details to come.

19:38 Okay let’s break down those results one by one. First up, VP Welfare & Equality. Rhian Greaves started with an early lead in the poll but was quickly overtaken by Berti. Julia did her best to catch up but Alessandra managed to stay one step ahead all the way.

Final Tab results: Rhian Greaves (8%), Julia Bush (37%), Alessandra Berti (55%).

19:41 Next up VP Sport & Health. Although Hannah came out on top, she didn’t get over 50% of the vote in what is a very competitive category. This is by no means a lock. Closest contender is Scott Darroch, with Danielle and Tabby appearing to cancel each other out.

Final Tab results: Tabby St Vincent (10%), Danielle Simpson (14%), Scott Darroch (27%), Hannah Pollak (49%).

19:50 Moving on to VP Education. Our readers are backing Tom Flynn and he led throughout from start to end, finishing with 54%. Of the chasing pack, Farooq just pipped Amy but the two seemed to split a lot of our voters.

Final Tab results: Amy Collis (20%), Farooq Sabri (26%), Tom Flynn (54%).

19:54 Next to go under the microscope is VP Activities. This two-way battle has been one of the most amicable election fights, with both candidates even swapping campaign t-shirts earlier today. After starting neck-and-neck Imogen pulled clear of Tom and ended our poll with a commanding lead.

Final Tab results: Tom Sturdy (33%), Imogen Palmer (67%).

19:56 Of all the positions VP Community is the one we can’t call a clear winner in. Ellie edges it in our vote but beats Hugh by only 8 votes. Hugh led for the majority of our poll but a late surge just pushed Ellie over the top. This could go either way though.

Final Tab results: Hugh Loxton (47%), Ellie Williams (53%).

19:59 President. The big one. Kelvin led the way in the first few hours of our poll but Rob overtook him. Kelvin made up some ground before the end but Rob steals the win in our poll.

Final Tab results: Kelvin Chen (35%), Rob Griffiths (65%).

20:03 Of course these results are far from conclusive. More people read our article on going to Lizard Lounge sober than any of our elections coverage. Actual results due in 5 minutes. Apparently.

20:09 Paul is on stage. Stuff is happening.

20:10 Paul tells us all this was valuable work experience as someone from last year went on to work for Marvin Rees’ mayoral campaign. And we know how that ended.

20:12 Whilst the boring introductions continue, why not check out some of the other live blogs? Our favourite from the week has to be this one from Rome.

20:14 4,798 votes cast. In case you’re a stats person.

20:15 Now an explanation of the voting system. Don’t worry trying to figure it out, just assume it makes sense.

20:16 We start with Senate Reps. Not the glamour stuff. Like the Oscars, that’s being held back a bit. Marta Skrzypinksa is elected Senate Rep for Social Sciences & Law.

20:17 Senate Rep Faculty of Arts is Florence Hunter.

20:18 Senate Rep Engineering is Matthew Graham.

20:19 In an uncontested election, Anna Taylor is Senate Rep Medicine & Dentistry.

20:20 Tasmin Steer elected Senate Rep Medical & Veterinary Sciences.

20:20 Alex Bradbrook is Senate Rep Science.

20:21 Senate Rep Postgraduate is Mike Limb. There’s two positions but as nobody else ran they’ll re-open nominations for the second.

20:22 And now a commercial break whilst the Union plug some of their stuff. So we’ll fill the gap with an unsubtle plug for our latest fashion shoot.

20:34 This is turning into a very long commercial break. They’re adding extra seating though so we’re now surrounded by empty chairs. No word yet on who our new friends will  be.

20:36 Next up will be the PTO results. In the meantime, we’ve dragged along a friend who hates the entire concept of student elections. So far he says the night’s been “mildly entertaining”. That might be the drink talking though.

20:42 We’re back. And nobody is sat in any of the empty seats. Yet.

20:42 Artist’s impression of the empty seats around us.

20:43 Apparently our voter turnout was higher than UWE’s and there was a Varsity point at stake for it. So this cancels out that defeat for the Barracuda. Game on!

20:44 Now we find out who is going to the NUS Conference in April. Paul Charlton is going as the current President, along with….

20:4Fatima Akhter, Tom Flynn, Rob Griffiths, Naomi McKay, Ellie Williams.

20:48 More votes in the PTO elections than in the previous few years. Go team.

20:49 Hafsa Ameen is Black & Minority Ethnic Students Officer.

20:49 Esther Moore is the new Chair of Student Council.

20:49 Emma Ronayne is the new Disabled Students Officer.

20:50 Megan Jarvis is the new Environmental Officer.

20:51 Priyanka Nagpal elected International Students Officer

20:52 Nicola Willis the new LGBT+ Officer

20:52 They are flying through these PTOs. Emran Noor the new Mature & Part-Time Students Officer.

20:53 Natasha Foote the new Ethics Officer.

20:53 Naomi McKay the new Widening Participation Officer.

20:54 Now Women’s Officer, a hotly contested category, as the comments on our photo article proved. Alice Phillips is elected ahead of Natasha Kendall who finishes second.

20:55 Time for one last break before the big ones. We need another drink. Back in a few.

20:57 Tweet of the night so far goes to Dodgeball Soc.

“Good Luck @robj_griffiths@HannahPollak1 @UBU_Welfarewe voted with neither our hearts or heads but with our balls..dodgeballs #ubuelections

20:58 Scratch that. Phil Smith has blown the competition out of the water with this tweet.

“Your current live reporting reminds me of a certain B. Fantana…#pandawatch

21:04 A few election rivals have traded bitter blows over the last week so it’s always refreshing when two candidates go head to head and remain on good terms. Without wanting to sound biased, we hope both Imogen & Tom win.

21:08 My apathetic companion (see 20:36) has decided to go on what Ellie Williams often describes on Twitter as #fitwatch. We’ll keep you posted.

21:10 Our poll results are being discussed live on Burst Radio as we write this. All feels a bit meta.

21:12 We have the night’s first Game Of Thrones reference, everybody!

“Big sighs of relief all round,@P4ulCh4rlton‘s reign of terror finally comes to an end tonight. Worse than Joffrey in GOT#ubuelections” Courtesy of Dodgeball Soc.

21:15 UBTV playing the out-takes from their brilliant challenge videos. Someone needs to turn the volume up though.

21:18 We’re getting back under way. First though, a round of applause for the winning PTOs and Delegates.

21:19 Candidates are being commended for their good spirit. Not sure if all will agree.

21:20 We’re starting with Activities. And a shout-out for student media gets an applause. The Tab gets a mild reception. Biggest cheer for UBTV. Vantage and Inter:Mission are nearly forgotten.

21:22 Imogen v Tom. Our readers went for Imogen…

21:22 Imogen 2,002, Tom 830. Our readers had it right. Congratulations to both!

21:23 Imogen thanks Beyonce and Mark Ronson. As you do. Big thanks also for her campaign team, she seems truly overwhelmed.

21:24 If anyone is wondering what an overwhelmed Imogen looks like, it’s a bit like when she filled her face with marshmallows.

21:25 VP Community is next. Big cheers for both candidates. Ellie v Hugh. Hugh 1387, Ellie 1494. Ellie wins. 2 out of 2 for Tab readers and it’s as close as we thought it would be.

21:26 Ellie can’t compose herself for a speech. Having failed to win last year, she’s run again and she’s done it. A few shout-outs for friends. Commiserations to Hugh who lost by the most narrow of margins.

21:27 Now education, which went to two rounds. We reckon between Tom and Farooq.

21:28 We spilt cider on our laptop. Not good. In other news, this went to two rounds. Round one: Amy (1002), Tom (1210), Farooq (788). Bit of a surprise that.

21:29 Round two: Amy (1206), Tom (1425). Tom is re-elected, and it’s three out of three for our readers.

21:30 Tom’s a bit more composed than the girls were. And he swears. “I’m the most absolutely fucking awful campaigner!” A self-deprecating, witty speech from your re-elected VP.

21:31 Next up, it’s the big one: Sport & Health.

21:31 This went to three, yes three, rounds. Expect some fierce competition. Round One: Scott (699), Hannah (1589), Danielle (469), Tabby (464). Round Two: Danielle drops out. Round Three: Scott (780), Hannah (1729), Tabby (539). Hannah is re-elected, four out of four for The Tab.

21:33 Hannah is told not to swear like Tom as we’re live on Burst. She thanks everyone, even the drunken shouters who’ve supported her. She says she’s “honoured”.

21:34 Two to go. Next up is VP Welfare & Equality.

21:35 Our readers backed Alessandra Berti for re-election. Round One: Alessandra (1,311), Julia (903), Rhian (262). Alessandra is re-elected and that’s FIVE in a row for our readers.

21:36 Alessandra jokingly says this will look great on her CV. Biggest laugh of the night.

21:37 And now the last one. Rob v Kelvin. Kelvin v Rob. 3,653 votes cast.

21:38 Kelvin 1,415, Rob 2,057. Rob gets the Presidency and it’s a clean sweep from our readers. Finger, pulse. Pulse, finger.

21:39 Kelvin thanks Rob for his “exemplary” campaign. He thanks student media for keeping people engaged. He thanks those who voted and promises to hold everything on his manifesto to account.

21:40 And that’s it, we’re done. Time to hassle some of the winners for free drinks. Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the losers. And well done to our readers for predicting every result correctly. Until next year.