What ‘Little Miss’ character would your halls be

Little Miss daddy’s money

For the past few months the beloved Little Miss characters from our childhood have been trending. The trend started from a twist on the well known characters. Instead of their known cute and innocent nicknames social media users would insert their own relatable captions.

The trend really blew up and there was a point where you couldn’t even go on Instagram without seeing someone repost one that related to them on their story.

Every halls at UoB has their stereotypes so that makes it easy to generalise hundreds of people into one Little Miss character.

Mason- Little Miss post-it notes on their windows

The Mason halls are pretty inoffensive, there’s not too much going on there. Nothing really too bad to note on, but also nothing great to say. However, year after year there is one thing that the majority of Mason flats keep the tradition of. And that’s sticking post-it note messages on their windows.

To be fair, in that skinny kitchen there’s not much space to do anything other than stick up post-it notes, so who can blame them?

Shout-out to you if you ever had the university personally contact your flat to make you change the message on your windows because it was too inappropriate.

Battery Park- Little Miss daddy’s money

Battery Park is one of the most expensive accommodations that UoB offers, and for that reason it’s fair we all make the assumption that most people living there are lucky enough to not even have a student loan.

Chamberlain- Little Miss listens to DnB at pres

Who knows if it’s because of the fact they all came from private schools and their trying to seem more working class or if it’s because somehow 100s of people all seem to think its a good idea to play DnB at pres.

Don’t get me wrong, a bit of DnB here and there is good, especially at an actual club/venue. But when you’re preeing to go to Rosies Thursdays, DnB isn’t really the vibe.

Tennis Courts- Little Miss come to my flats for pres

Tennis courts in infamous for being the ‘party’ accommodation of UoB, so much so that people apply there just so they can have the best social life.

Because of this there is always a pres going on in almost every block, and there is 24 blocks so that shows how lively it is. No matter what accommodation you were in your first year you definitely had your fair share of iconic pre’s/after in a Tennis Courts flat.

Oakley court- Little Miss it’s not that bad living with 12 people

Let’s not lie to ourselves Pritchatts Park Village is kind of irrelevant, you never really hear of anything going on there. In fact, in first year you probably never even met anyone who lives there. If you did live there, sorry you’re considered so irrelevant x

However, if you did get the rare chance to meet someone who lived in Pritchatts Village there was a high chance they lived in Oakley Court because those flat are massive.

Shackleton- Little Miss meal plan isn’t that bad

The main thing everyone knows about Shackleton, apart from the fact they have massive rooms and kitchens, is that they are on a meal plan.

Everyone from Shackleton complains about their meal plans to each other, but as soon as someone from outside of Shackleton says it’s bad they jump straight to defence claiming how much they love being on the meal plan. FYI if you say you like being on a meal plan you’re lying to yourself.

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