Birmingham were defeated on University Challenge, so here’s some reactions to soften the blow

UoB lost against Reading, but can still bring it back if they win two further quarter finals

The University of Birmingham’s team for BBC2 quiz show, University Challenge, competed in the quarter-final tonight against Reading University.

Despite losing, Birmingham can still compete in the semi-final if they win two more matches.

They lost 170 to 135 points and to commiserate, we have compiled all the best reactions from tonight’s episode.

1. Bartelle delighting us with another iconic look

2. Trying to watch this in exam season is killing my brain

3. This is a Robinson fan club

4. What can we say, intelligence comes naturally to us UoB lot

5. The only question I can attempt at answering

6. Did we hear a peep from him tonight?

8. Clearly revision has paid off

9. I’m really confused by the structure of this

10. It was a tense watch

Featured image: credits to BBC

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