All the best tweets from UoB’s triumph on University Challenge

UoB thrashed Sussex 245-10 points in their first round

The University of Birmingham competed in the newest episode of University Challenge, a BBC2 quiz show tonight.

They played against Sussex University, achieving an amazing 245 points against a frankly embarrassing 10 for Sussex. Before the episode was broadcast, The Birmingham Tab spoke to the team here.

UoB achieved one of the highest scores in the first round in history, and are swiftly through to round two.

Birmingham’s annihilation against Sussex also meant that the tweets alongside it also popped off, and we have complied a few here for your entertainment.

1. Harcourt looked suspiciously familiar …

2. UoB didn’t get the dress-up memo

3. Sussex didn’t stand a chance

4. Not even a miracle could save them

5. Maybe I should sign up for the team next year?

6. The truth hurts, sorry :/

7. This user has clearly never been to Circo Mondays …

8. Eastwood will love the UoB promo

9. Why can’t all Brum boys be like this?

10. Showing some pride for the University, once in a blue moon

11. Sussex doing the worst in history makes Brum’s victory even better

12. She speaks facts!

13. Not even Jesus could save Sussex

14. The most iconic look from tonight

15. Spending most of the episode on minus points? Peak comedy

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